Thursday, March 22, 2018


USPA Group Member And Foreign Affiliate Drop Zone Locator

Skydive Carolina!

  Chester Municipal Airport (DCM), Chester, SC

1903 King Air Dr
Chester SC 29706 UNITED STATES

35 miles miles   S of Charlotte
6 miles to nearest hotel
  (803) 581-5867

  1 C-182, 1 Twin Otter, 1 King Air

Located near Charlotte, NC & Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC. DZ is 8 miles from I-77. Open Mar-Nov, Wed-Sun & Dec- Feb, Fri-Sun. Indoor packing. Designated landing areas:regular,swooping & students. USPA membership, A license & TSO equip. required.

Training Programs

Accelerated Free Fall

Services & Amenities

Equipment Rental/Sales
Rigger Service
Camping Area
Bunkhouse w/ Beds
Bathhouse/Hot Showers
Internet Access
Load Organizers
Full-Service Restaurant


Tandem Instructor Rating Course (Strong Enterprises)

  04/25/2018 - 04/27/2018

  Skydive Carolina!   Chester South Carolina

   Stuart, Gene, Course Director
Gene Stuart, Main Contact



  05/29/2018 - 06/03/2018

  Skydive Carolina!   Chester South Carolina

It is time again to request your time off for CarolinaFest 2018. We hope you will join us for our 10th Carolinafest! We have a feeling you can help us celebrate this important anniversary the right way. Last year, we SOLD OUT as we cap registration at 400 participants. We flew 340 loads and made over 7,000 jumps in 6 days. We hope to fly even more this year. Our aircraft fleet is hard to beat, and this year, we will have 3 Otters, 1 King Air, and a super-fast Skyvan!! Pre-registration will end on Tuesday, May 8th. Remember, you MUST pre-register to receive a T-shirt and boogie bag. As a matter of fact, if you intend on attending the event, you should probably pre-register because it is pretty likely we will sell out before the event. If we sell out and all 400 slots are occupied, we will NOT be allowing walk-ins. Don’t slip up and miss out on attending the boogie all your friends will be talking about! *Jumpers must have at least an A License to participate. You may pre-register by using the following link Keep checking back here for any updates on theme, LO’s, and vendors!


Skydive Carolina SIS Event

  09/22/2018 - 09/22/2018

  Skydive Carolina!   Chester South Carolina

   Amy Milhorne, Main Contact

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