Find a Safety & Training Advisor

Use this locator to find a USPA-appointed S&TA. USPA Regional Directors appoint Safety and Training Advisors at each drop zone. Among their volunteer duties, S&TAs provide advice and training for many extraordinary jumps, verify rating renewal requirements and issue license tests. Visit Safety and Training Advisors for more information.

Name (click to email)
Phone DZ
Luke Aikins Northwest Region Washington (360) 893-1923 Northwest Region at Large
Abdulla Al Thani Foreign Qatar +974 33133333 Qatar
Thomas Alber Foreign Germany +498721120129 Skydive Exit - DEU
Jeffrey Allen Foreign United Kingdom Skydive Jersey
Tim Allen Eastern Region New York (716) 909-2224 WNY Skydiving
Randall Allison Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (586) 698-8110 Midwest Freefall
Daniel Alonso Foreign France 33682803486 France
Joaquin Alvarez Foreign Mexico 52392072 Skydive Cuautla
Todd Ames Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (989) 737-6954 Skydive Saginaw Bay
Peter Andexlinger Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (330) 958-4806 Aerohio Skydiving Center
Maria Angelucci Foreign Italy Skydive Sardegna
Anthony Antonivich Southern Region Alabama (334) 718-0461 Skydive Panama City
Romulo Antunes Western Region California (909) 800-2088 Perris Valley Skydiving Center
Karin Anzures Armed Forces/U.S.Territories Puerto Rico (787) 472-3483 Skydive Puerto Rico
Ana Aponte Zuluaga Foreign Colombia +57 3182345000 Xielo Skydive-Colombia
Steven Archuletta Mountain Region Colorado (719) 749-2133 USAFA
Cristian Ardelean Foreign United Arab Emirates 553273531 Skydive Dubai
Greg Arens North Central Region North Dakota (605) 261-6443 Skydive Fargo
Terrance Asbridge Central Region Illinois Mid America Sport Parachute Club
Kenneth Ates Southeast Region Florida (813) 360-5148 USSOCOM
Francisco Avila Southeast Region Georgia (423) 619-6495 Skydive Georgia
Kei Baba Foreign Japan Tokyo Skydiving Club
Slobodan Babovic North Central Region Wisconsin (920) 568-1700 Wisconsin Skydiving Center
Marcus Bacahui Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 320-2914 SOTF
Doru-Ovidiu Baciu Foreign Romania 004(072)3225609 Skydive Transilvania
Bryan Baggett Gulf Region Texas (903) 850-9791 Skydive East Texas
Gregory Bailey Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (765) 914-5325 Skydive Warren County
Ralph Bailey Central Region Missouri (573) 471-9197 SEMO Skydiivers
Justin Baker Eastern Region Florida (321) 289-8822 Finger Lakes Skydive
Rajkumar Balakrishnan Foreign India 91(810)6574303 India
Joseph Bales Central Region Nebraska (308) 383-9833 Crete Skydiving Center
Miki Baranowski Southeast Region Florida (850) 445-8023 Skydive Spaceland Clewiston
Simonetta Bardi Foreign Italy 39(347)4730782 Skydive Lucca
William Barnett Central Region Missouri (417) 894-6420 Skydive Skyranch
Theresa Baron Northwest Region Oregon Skydive Oregon
Nicholas Barson Southeast Region Florida (772) 519-3009 Skydive Tecumseh
Larry Bartlett Central Region Nebraska (402) 440-2992 Lincoln SPC Weeping Water, NE
Lindsey Basher Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (201) 421-9691 Piedmont Skydiving
Manuel Basso Foreign Italy 00393388212670 Italy
Mary Bauer North Central Region Wisconsin (715) 723-8828 Skydive Wissota
Richard Baumgartel Northeast Region Maine (207) 665-2115 Skydive Vacationland
Kamuran Bayrasli Eastern Region New York (845) 255-2252 Skydive The Ranch
Jose Becerra Retamal Foreign Chile +56977659349 Aerodroma Diego Portales De La Ligua
Andy Beck Southwest Region Oklahoma (580) 747-6383 Oklahoma Skydiving Center
Susan Beck Eastern Region New York (585) 392-5423 Rochester Skydivers
Keri Bell Northwest Region Washington (360) 432-8000 Kapowsin Air Sports
Ronald Bell Pacific Region California (612) 859-4300 San Jose Skydiving Center
Dennis Bennett Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (616) 633-0991 Skydive Allegan
Albert Berchtold Southeast Region Florida (386) 490-0044 Southeast Region at Large
Thomas Berg Pacific Region California (559) 999-0205 Madera Parachute Center
Eric Bickel North Central Region Wisconsin (616) 293-8955 Skydive The Rock
Gary Billings Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (515) 402-3581 Canton Air Sports
Claudia Blank Western Region California (310) 904-3795 Skydive Taft
Karen Blanks Southern Region Mississippi (601) 520-7931 Gold Coast Skydivers
Chuck Blue Mountain Region Arizona (520) 208-1548 Mountain Region at Large
Raul Bocanegra Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (469) 859-9450 UAE
Christian Bonaldo Foreign Italy (331) 566-2410 Skydive Venice
Matthew Booth Armed Forces/U.S.Territories (910) 723-0827 Mountain Region at Large
Andreas Boss Foreign Germany 00491711038859 Germany
David Boster Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (740) 646-6099 West Virginia Skydivers
Thomas Bovee Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 583-1058 Golden Knights
Brett Bowers Eastern Region New York (607) 458-5582 Finger Lakes Skydivers
Nicholas Boyd Western Region California (619) 808-2693 Western Region at Large
Kacie Boyd Central Region Iowa (515) 986-6329 Skydive Iowa
Jeffery Bramstedt Western Region California (619) 865-1192 Skydive San Diego
Michael Bratcher Southern Region Kentucky (270) 363-1564 Skydive Kentucky
Tom Brewer Southwest Region Texas (432) 266-5867 Skydive Westex
Sandra Bring Foreign Spain Skydive Spain
Robert Brockman Western Region California (619) 708-7471 Skydive San Diego
Ian Brown Southeast Region Florida (321) 984-4212 Skydive Sebastian
Kenneth Brown Foreign United Arab Emirates (406) 465-1013 United Arab Emirates
Robert Bruce Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (804) 426-2523 NSWDG
Brent Buckner Western Region Nevada (702) 807-7764 Skydive Las Vegas
Peter Bucsak Foreign New Zealand +36303853101 Skydive Balaton
Imre Bucsanyi Southeast Region Florida (954) 266-9585 DC Skydiving Center
Bryan Burke Mountain Region Arizona (520) 466-3753 Skydive Arizona
James Burriss Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (864) 350-2879 Flying Tigers Clemson, SC
Sherry Butcher Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (330) 714-2003 Aerohio Skydiving Center
Nick Byers Eastern Region New York (786) 571-6425 Canada at Large
James Cain Mountain Region Colorado (707) 631-7921 USAFA
Arnold Camfferman Foreign Netherlands 31(620)249838 Skydive Spa /Francorchamps
John Campbell Mountain Region Arizona (520) 450-2888 Eastern Region at Large
Daniele Camponeschi Foreign Italy +393391144801 Aero Club Latina, ITALY
Marco Canevari Foreign Italy 39(030)7101666 DZ BFU Reggio Emilia
Carlos Cantoral Foreign Guatemala (505) 981-1821 Asociacion de Paracaidismo Guatemala
George Capitanio Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (765) 414-1261 Indiana Skydiving Center
Timothy Carlyle Southern Region Tennessee (423) 581-6329 Skydive East Tennessee
Marco Carrara Foreign Italy ITALY Skydive Brescia
Frank Carreras-DeWitz Foreign Germany 011491777755747 Aircrew
Edward Carroll Western Region Nevada (702) 885-7455 Las Vegas Extreme Skydiving
Sandra Carruth Southern Region Alabama (205) 960-2292 Southern Region at Large
Luther Carter Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (843) 549-6660 Skydive Walterboro
William Carter Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (843) 592-1752 Skydive Walterboro
Kevin Carver Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 423-0919 Mid-Atlantic at Large
Frank Casares Mountain Region Colorado (303) 702-9911 Mile Hi Skydiving
Leonel Cassini Foreign Spain Paraclub de Gran Canaria
Thomas Cavage Eastern Region Pennsylvania (570) 378-3135 Endless Mountain Skydivers
Robert Celaya Western Region California (760) 608-9275 Edwards AFB
Jong Cha Foreign KOREA, REPUBLIC OF 82(108)7899799 Korea
Michael Chapman Mountain Region Utah (210) 861-7763 Skydive Utah
Chris Chapman Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (614) 302-3768 Ohio Skydiving Center
Ioannis Charitos Foreign Belgium 001 0032 33379425 Holland
John Chiasson Southern Region Florida (850) 380-0413 Skydive North Florida
Yong Chisholm Western Region California Skydive Elsinore
Troy Church Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (574) 948-1402 Plymouth Sky Sports
Luke Church Central Region Missouri (340) 514-1092 Skydive Virgin Islands
Kristal Ciamillo Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (586) 292-3006 Motor City Skydiving Center
Raul Cifuentes Foreign Spain Skydive Costa Calida
Taylor Cividino Foreign British Columbia ,  Canada (604) 864-1731 Skydive Vancouver
Mathew Clark Mountain Region Colorado (469) 323-8101 Skydive Colorado
Elliot Clarke Foreign Switzerland 41797034803 Skydive Switzerland
Bobby Coker Southwest Region Texas (214) 632-1888 Dallas Skydive Center
Joshua Colby Western Region California (719) 565-9290 Qatar at Large
John Coldren Western Region California (661) 340-0943 Western Region at Large
Bradley Cole Central Region Illinois (303) 305-8212 Chicagoland Skydiving Center
Randy Connell Southern Region Kentucky (859) 361-5684 At Large
Elmer Conner Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (540) 721-1774 Carolina Skydiving
Martin Connolly Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (937) 572-6687 Skydive Greene County
Jack Cook Northwest Region Idaho (208) 283-7930 Snake River-Star, ID
Joshua Cook Central Region Missouri (314) 677-7725 Fly Free Skydiving
Stephen Copeland Southern Region Tennessee (865) 246-0212 Southern Region at Large
Richard Cordaro Eastern Region New York (585) 494-1780 Rochester Skydivers
Michael Cordell Central Region Kansas (316) 303-6184 Skydive Airtight
Ray Cordova Gulf Region Texas (361) 547-0848 Skydive South Padre Island
Francisco Costa Southeast Region Georgia (706) 304-5772 Jump Georgia
Marcello Costa Foreign Brazil 531-532-687272 Brazil
James Cowan Mountain Region Arizona (480) 415-6042 CPS, AZ
David Cranney Southeast Region Georgia (762) 359-1467 Skydive Atlanta
Jacob Crooch Southwest Region Oklahoma (773) 896-6333 Scissortail Skydiving
Jim Crouch Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (804) 677-1006 At Large
Andrew Crout-Hamel Western Region California (619) 934-1802 Tactical Air Operations
Ben Crowell Southern Region Alabama (251) 599-7825 Southern Region at Large
Thomas Doc Crump Southeast Region Louisiana (706) 577-1130 The Jumping Place
Patrik Cserpak Southeast Region Florida (305) 319-9350 Capital City Skydiving
Thomas Curry Central Region Iowa (402) 650-8044 Des Moines Skydivers
Dimitrije Dadic Western Region California 1(321)3602903 Skydive Beograd
Mario DAgostino Foreign Italy +39(392) 121-2588 ASD FLY NO LIMITS
Niklas Daniel Mountain Region Arizona (951) 591-0571 Skydive Arizona
Carl Daugherty Southeast Region Florida (386) 490-5540 Skydive DeLand
Robert Daughs Northwest Region Oregon (541) 475-4571 Cline Falls, OR
Michael Davidson Eastern Region Delaware (302) 875-3595 US Naval Academy
Jonah Davis Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 728-0320 JSOC
Austin Davis Southeast Region South Carolina (843) 200-7350 The Jumping Place
Thomas Dellibac Western Region California (863) 521-6080 Western Region at Large
Shane Denna Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (540) 207-7446 Quantico
Valentino Deriu Foreign Italy Skydive Sardegna
Cynthia Derosier Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (740) 262-6223 Skydive Greene County
John DeSantis Western Region California (818) 985-7867 Western Region at Large
Rick DeShano Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (989) 430-0398 Midwest Freefall
Marc DeTrano Southeast Region Florida (506) 837-8446 Desafio Vertical
Lawrence Dewey Eastern Region Pennsylvania (570) 876-1506 Endless Mountain Skydivers
Nathan Dexter Gulf Region Texas (832) 535-7807 Skydive San Marcos
Alessandro Di Giacomo Foreign Italy The Zoo Skydiving
Franco Di Lorenzo Foreign Italy B.F.U. Reggio Emilia
Timothy Dillingham Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (434) 941-4574 Virginia Skydiving Center
Jeremy Divan Mountain Region Colorado (720) 883-7334 Roaring Forks Skydiving
Martin Dlouhy Foreign Czech Republic 602-547-195 Prostejov
Clifford Dobson Southeast Region Florida (813) 493-5139 Florida Skydiving Center
Jeanice Dolan Eastern Region Maryland (443) 614-7846 Ocean City Skydiving Center
James Dolan Western Region Nevada (702) 750-7225 Vegs Extreme Skydiving
Gilmo Dolce Foreign Italy Area Delta 47 (Casale Monferrato)
Matthew Drewelow North Central Region Wisconsin (309) 945-5004 Skydive Midwest
Erika Dufort Eastern Region New York (250) 682-3644 Skydive South Shore
Brian Dyas Foreign United Kingdom 33614491530 "GoJump" Timisoara Parachute Club
Karl Eakins North Central Region Minnesota (651) 341-6774 North Central Region at Large
Ashley Easdon-Smith Eastern Region Pennsylvania (814) 366-1266 Freefall Oz, PA
Robert Eastman Southeast Region Florida (843) 329-9657 Skydive Myrtle Beach
Anthony Ebel Central Region Illinois (217) 257-0775 Skydive Chicago
Vinton Eberly Northwest Region Washington (509) 928-8147 West Plains Skydiving
Joshua Eckl Western Region California (760) 805-9007 Western Region at Large
Daniel Edwards Southern Region Alabama (334) 538-8306 Skydive the South
Stephen Edwards Foreign Australia GoJump Berlin
Carsten Engelbrecht Foreign Germany FSZ Hassfurt e.V.
Aaron Engelman Central Region Iowa (515) 451-2634 Natick
Pedro Esper Foreign Spain 34(630)197333 Skydive Madrid
Kevin Ewanow Eastern Region New York (585) 415-1308 Skydive Central New York
TJ Ewing Gulf Region Texas (847) 902-0336 Lone Star Skydiving
Thomas Falzone Eastern Region New York (845) 476-1432 West Point Parachute Team
Arthur Farley Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (586) 243-2825 Midwest Freefall
Mark Farrell Central Region Nebraska (402) 213-1039 Lincoln Sport Parachute Club
Jessie Farrington Northwest Region Washington (360) 432-8000 Kapowsin Air Sports
John Farrington Gulf Region Texas (512) 740-0818 Skydive Temple
Todd Faulkinberry Gulf Region Louisiana (318) 510-8263 Skydive Louisiana
Wendy Faulkner Southwest Region Texas (512) 461-1834 Skydive Temple
Jose Faustino Foreign Portugal 351(918)144576 Skydive Portugal
Bob Feisty Feisthamel Central Region Missouri (417) 316-0382 Skydive Missouri
Stephen Fekete Southeast Region Georgia (912) 660-5337 Fort Benning
Claus Fellner Foreign Austria Austria At Large
Victor Fernandez Southwest Region Texas (322) 189-3909 Mexico At Large
Joao Ferreira Foreign Portugal 351(918)629375 Sky Fun Center
Raymond Ferrell Pacific Region California (530) 753-2650 Skydance Skydiving
Brian Festi Southeast Region Florida (603) 988-2121 Florida Skydiving Center
Aaron Figel Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (510) 691-3940 Black Daggers
Jeff Fincher Southern Region Tennessee (205) 496-8130 Adventure Skydiving Tennessee
Asaf Fishelson Foreign Israel (646) 246-1885 Israel
Matthew Fitch Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (804) 731-0728 No Limits Skydiving
Burke Fitzpatrick Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (803) 414-0141 Columbia, SC
Jerry Fletcher Mountain Region Arizona (928) 328-2192 MFF School, Yuma, AZ
Craig Floyd Southeast Region Florida (305) 923-9655 Skydive Palm Beach
Andrew Fortna Southeast Region Florida (865) 438-0103 Skydive Sebastian
Marvin Fortner Gulf Region Texas (719) 431-3046 Skydive San Marcos
Randall Fortner Mountain Region Arizona (719) 431-3047 Phoenix Area Skydiving
Gregory Foster Pacific Region California (707) 841-0352 Skydance Skydiving
Stephen Foster Northeast Region Georgia (540) 622-3305 Skydive Barnstable
Jacklyn Foust Pacific Region California (831) 521-8447 Skydive Monterey Bay
Joey Freeman Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (828) 275-0016 Skydive Carolina
Gary Fuchs Mountain Region Arizona Desert Skydiving Center
Jonathan Furnari Gulf Region Texas (951) 852-8422 Skydive Spaceland Houston
Ernesto Gainza Foreign Slovenia 38670300301 Slovenia
Terrence Gandy Gulf Region Louisiana (985) 807-2103 Skydive N'Awlins
William Garcia Pacific Region California (916) 343-3030 Skydive Sacramento
Kevin Garrido Southeast Region Florida (786) 354-1443 Skydive Miami
Paul Gath Eastern Region New York (585) 457-9680 Frontier Skydivers
Alan Gayton Foreign United Arab Emirates 97(554)664588 Skydive Dubai
Bill Geaslin Gulf Region Louisiana (318) 455-3878 Skydiving Adventures
Keith George North Central Region Wisconsin (262) 886-3450 Skydive Midwest
Eric Gerard Foreign France 33686819002 Peronne
Brian Germain Eastern Region Maryland (301) 646-0761 Maryland At Large
Paul Gholson Southern Region Tennessee (901) 233-4144 West Tennessee Skydiving
Anton Gilev Foreign Russian Federation Russia
Charles Gittins Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (540) 662-9036 Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures
Sebastiano Giubilo Foreign Italy 39(347)4450457 Alimarche Skydive Fano
Jason Glaza Central Region Iowa (515) 306-9362 Des Moines Skydivers
Richard Gochenaur Eastern Region Pennsylvania Maytown Sport Parachute Club
Mary Goetsch North Central Region Wisconsin (414) 588-4105 Sky Knights
Russell Goldman Southeast Region Florida (603) 930-9798 World Skydiving Center
Carolyn Goldman Northeast Region New Hampshire (978) 877-0725 Skydive Pepperrell
David Goldstein Northeast Region New Hampshire (617) 593-4773 Pepperell Skydiving Center
Nuno Goncalves Foreign Portugal 351(967)010122 Sky Fun Center
Justin Gonzales Western Region California (202) 421-9636 Western Region at Large
Tony Goodman Western Region California (951) 657-3904 Western Region at Large
Christopher Gourde North Central Region North Dakota (701) 277-7085 Skydive Fargo
Guillermo Granado Foreign Spain Skydive Gran Canaria
Fast Eddie Grantland Southeast Region Alabama (256) 852-9634 Skydive Georgia
Robert Gray Mountain Region Utah (408) 835-8865 Skydive Canyonlands
Jason Greener North Central Region Wisconsin (608) 924-1677 Seven Hills Skydiving Club
Richard Grimm Western Region California (562) 552-1422 Western Region at Large
Bobby Grossman Southwest Region Texas (817) 573-1431 Southwest Region at Large
Niklas Gummeson Western Region California (386) 848-8547 Western Region At Large
Russell Haas North Central Region Wisconsin (920) 682-0937 Seven Hills Skydivers
Eric Hadley Southwest Region Oklahoma (918) 637-2152 Skydive Airtight
Tim Hajewski North Central Region Wisconsin (414) 350-3715 Sky Knights
Joshua Hall Western Region California (714) 904-3504 Western Region At Large
Chris Hall Central Region Missouri (816) 524-1355 Skydive Kansas City
Logan Hall Southeast Region Georgia (478) 237-4748 Jump Georgia
Joseph Hallacy Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (434) 321-2171 No Limits Skydiving
James Halliday Pacific Region California (415) 717-0756 Norcal Skydiving
Nicolas Halseth North Central Region Minnesota (612) 703-1624 North Central Region at Large
Christian Hanekroot Foreign Germany 491716548872 74706 Schlierstadt Deutschland
William Hanrahan Eastern Region Maryland (410) 461-7226 Chambersburg Skydiving Center
Robert Hansen Southern Region Mississippi (215) 872-9196 Gold Coast Skydivers
Isaac Hansen Mountain Region Arizona (931) 542-7321 Skydive Tennessee
Michael Harger Eastern Region New Jersey (732) 558-8896 Skydive Jersey Shore
Jess Harper Northwest Region Washington (604) 854-3003 Abbotsford Parachute Center
John Hart Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (513) 378-0407 Start Skydiving
Matthew Harvey Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (740) 971-8278 Team Fastrax
Christopher Harvey Northwest Region Idaho (208) 514-8342 DZone Skydiving
Bert Harwell Southern Region Alabama (205) 991-7971 Skydive Alabama
Steven Haseman Southeast Region Georgia (404) 694-8994 Skydive The Farm
William Hasenfus North Central Region Wisconsin (920) 685-5122 Skydive Adventure
Charles Hashek Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (757) 581-4587 Skydive Orange
Hashem Hashemi-Toroghi Central Region Iowa (515) 291-4510 Accelerated Freefall Iowa
Dennis Hayes Central Region Iowa (515) 278-4261 Central Iowa Skydivers
Sarah Haymes Southeast Region Florida (678) 332-6600 Chattanooga Skydiving Company
Larry Henderson Southwest Region Texas (325) 676-5529 Bangkok, Thailand
Philip Henry Mid-Eastern Region West Virginia (304) 638-0504 West Virginia Skydivers
James Herdel Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (757) 613-2124 Navy EOD MU2
Eduardo Hernandez Gulf Region Arkansas (407) 431-4863 Skydive Skyranch
Steven Hetrick Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (571) 243-4400 Mid-Atlantic at Large
Allan Hewitt Foreign Spain 618-648-670 Skydive Espana
Todd Higley Northwest Region Washington (360) 913-2167 Skydive Chelan
Tyler Hinkle Gulf Region Arkansas (479) 208-3460 Skydive Skyranch
Satoshi Hishikawa Foreign Japan 81(8052)353976 Skydiving Kansai
Charles Hoffman Northwest Region Oregon (503) 788-8841 Molalla, OR
Marc Hogue Mountain Region Arizona (602) 300-2051 Skydive Phoenix
Brian Holcomb Central Region Illinois (309) 887-4409 Quad City Skydiving Center
Gareth Holder Pacific Region California (510) 299-5238 Skydive California
Tom Holmes Western Region California (305) 439-3281 Western Region at Large
Jukka Holttinen Foreign Texas Thai Sky Adventures
Barry Holubeck Western Region California (314) 795-5255 Western Region at Large
Andy Honigbaum Mountain Region Colorado (520) 252-0501 USAFA
Richard Hornsby Southeast Region Florida (863) 599-9187 Skydive Spaceland-Clewiston
Warren Hovland North Central Region South Dakota (605) 692-9135 Skydive Adventures
Vincent Howard Foreign Australia 35386 -8567155 Irish Parachute Club
Miles Hubbard North Central Region Minnesota (320) 597-4168 North Central Region at Large
William Hubbell Central Region Kansas (785) 220-4223 Skydive Kansas
John Huber Eastern Region New York (585) 798-4448 Frontier Skydivers
Brent Hutchings Eastern Region Pennsylvania (814) 808-6447 Skydive Happy Valley
Jason Hyder Gulf Region Texas (832) 341-9490 Skydive Spaceland Houston
Julien Iacomelli Foreign France 33661450635 Paris Jump
Ursula Iragorri Foreign Austria 436763571951 Skydive Pink, Klatovy
Shinichi Ito Foreign Japan Tokyo
Tukes Iwamoto Foreign United Arab Emirates 971507287150 Skydive Dubai
Denise Janes Northwest Region Idaho (208) 455-2359 Skydown Skydiving
Paul Janes Northwest Region Idaho (208) 455-2359 Skydown Skydiving
Douglas Jaques Foreign Thailand (663) 836-7964 India
Teemu Jarvela Foreign Finland 358(40)0460461 Skydive Finland
Scott Jaszlics Northeast Region Maine (207) 459-4179 Skydive New England
Michael Jenkins Southern Region Tennessee (727) 612-6810 Chattanooga Skydiving Company
Brad Jessey Western Region Nevada (702) 418-7371 Skydive Mesquite
Martin Jones Western Region California (719) 930-2069 Perris Valley Skydiving Center
Thayer Jones Armed Forces/U.S.Territories (480) 318-7386 US Navy EOD
Tim Jones Southeast Region Florida (941) 228-2647 Jump Florida Skydiving
Sven Jseppi Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (252) 573-1136 Skydive OBX
David Jurcoane Western Region California (661) 944-4217 San Andreas Parachute Club
Sonya Kadrevis Northwest Region Washington (360) 913-2166 Skydive Chelan
Kentaro Kai Foreign Japan 81(079)6534463 Skydiving Kansai
Spyros Kalatzis Foreign Greece 30210275645 Hellenic Skydivers
Yogev Kalmanovich-SUSPENDED TANDEM Foreign Israel 972-523-167744 Skydive Shomerat
Maria Kambourova Foreign Greece Thessaloniki Aero Club
Steve Kanat Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (248) 594-3309 Skydive Tecumseh
Andrew Karnowski Mountain Region Kansas (208) 410-9665 Skydive The Wasatch
Joshua Kaschmitter Northwest Region Washington (509) 389-7218 West Plains Skydiving
Mark Katich Eastern Region Pennsylvania (412) 445-6014 Canton Air Sports
Hidenari Kawanishi Foreign Japan 818037250055 Tokyo Skydiving Club
Don Kellner Eastern Region Pennsylvania (570) 788-2476 Above The Poconos Skydivers
John Kelly Mountain Region Colorado (970) 275-3306 Skydive Colorado
Alex Kelly Northeast Region Vermont (203) 561-4194 Green Mountain Skydiving
Robert Kern Southwest Region New Mexico Skydive El Paso
Roger Kern Central Region Missouri (314) 258-9724 Fly Free Skydiving
Hristo Kilikchiev Foreign Bulgaria 35(088)2511970 Skydive Sofia
Nicholas Kime Central Region Missouri (417) 849-4274 The Airplex
Sharon Kindsvater Western Region California (951) 639-7674 Perris Valley Skydiving Center
Jeffery King Foreign Ontario ,  Canada (416) 702-9943 Canada at Large
Stanley Kinnison Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 850-0786 Special Forces Parachute Team
Catherine Kloess Southeast Region Florida (912) 322-7282 The Jumping Place
Terry Knapp Eastern Region New York (607) 638-5708 Mohawk Valley Skydiving
Alexandra Kolacio North Central Region Wisconsin (920) 568-1700 Wisconsin Skydiving Center
Carol Kolasinski Northwest Region Washington (425) 335-3770 Skydive Snohomish
Bjorn Korth Foreign Germany 491797039139 Skydive Pink Klatovy
Andrej Kostanjevec Foreign Slovenia (384) 174-2295 DZ Bovec
Ryan Kramer Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (574) 870-0656 Skydive Indianapolis
Adam Krum Mountain Region Utah (717) 222-2171 Skydive Utah
Urszula Kucharczyk Foreign Spain 0034638919628 Skydive Spain
George Kunz Western Region California (818) 507-6835 Skydive San Joaquin Valley
Raymond Lallo Mountain Region Colorado (330) 205-4788 Mountain Region at Large
John Landman Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (202) 497-7643 Department of Justice
John Lane Eastern Region New Jersey (609) 923-3594 Northeast Region at Large
James Laningham Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 639-3676 Piedmont Skydiving
Thomas Lanners Northwest Region Alaska (907) 440-3619 Alaska
Kim Larsen Foreign Denmark Dropzone Denmark
Marcus Laser Foreign Spain 34620659096 Skydive Spain, Seville
Stan Lathrop Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (616) 677-5829 Skydive Michigan
William Latta Southern Region Kentucky (615) 227-3314 Skydive Kentucky
Mark Lauricella Northwest Region Oregon (541) 408-4822 Bend, OR
Steven Lawyer Central Region Iowa (515) 282-2080 Des Moines Skydivers
Alex Layne Pacific Region Nevada (775) 781-9601 Skydive Surf City
Don Leach Gulf Region Texas (832) 746-3838 Skdive Galveston
Joseph Ledbetter Western Region California (619) 410-5728 Skydive San Diego
Kibang Lee Western Region California (619) 495-1161 Skydive Elsinore
Ronald Lee Western Region California (619) 247-4525 Western Region Demo Jumps
Danniel Lee Foreign Singapore (659) 731-8873 Singapore
Larry Lemaster Southern Region Kentucky (606) 923-7475 SkydiveNRG
Matthew Leonard Eastern Region New York (617) 899-6357 U Mass Skydiving Club
Jef LeRette Central Region Illinois (773) 750-8753 Illinois Skydiving Center
Kyle Leseberg Western Region Nevada (702) 285-8826 Skydive Las Vegas
Ryan Levesque Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (803) 280-6287 Skydive Carolina
Lawrence Liebler Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (619) 764-9718 Skydive Orange
Douglas Lilley Northwest Region Oregon (503) 860-7186 Molalla, OR
David Lillico Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 822-0828 Patriotic Parachute Team
Gary Lincoln-Hope Foreign United Kingdom 254706857909 Skydive Diani
Stephan Lipp Foreign Austria 64(21)1088237 Aerograd Kolomna
Konstantinos Livanos Foreign Greece 00100306957503629 Skydive Athens
E Long Southwest Region Texas (903) 364-5056 Skydive Dallas
Juan Lopez Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (706) 358-7872 ABNSOTD
Cesar Lopez De Castro Western Region California (760) 585-6941 GoJump Oceanside
Arnold Low Foreign Singapore (659) 797-8999 Singapore
Olli-Pekka Luomajoki Foreign Finland 358(40)5158546 Finland
John Luvera Western Region Nevada (239) 694-2486 Skydive Las Vegas
Ioannis Lykakis Foreign Greece 306944984312 Greece
Keith MacBeth Mountain Region Utah (435) 260-0197 Skydive Moab
Matthew Madden Northeast Region Massachusetts (617) 733-5469 Naval Postgraduate School
Jesse Magana Central Region Kansas (785) 313-2347 Kansas State University Parachute Club
John Mahan Mountain Region Colorado (970) 390-8171 Out of the Blue Skydiving
Olivier Maheu Foreign France Paris Jump
Rafael Manana Southeast Region Florida (347) 330-8960 Uruguay
Cory Maples Southern Region Tennessee (865) 466-4343 Jump TN
Isaiah Maring North Central Region Minnesota (651) 503-8953 North Central Region at Large
Brian Martin North Central Region Illinois (847) 254-1408 Sky Knights
Jason Martinez Central Region Illinois (702) 630-4114 Scott Air Force Base
Abbie Mashaal Mountain Region Idaho (208) 806-1313 Skydive Idaho
Louis Massie Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (972) 979-2778 NSWDG
Jimmy Mathys Foreign Portugal +351935300853 Skydive Algarve
Mihailo Matic Foreign ,  Serbia (240) 920-4477 Serbia
Toru Matsumoto Foreign Japan Skydive Fujioka
Jonathan Maynard Southern Region Alabama (256) 338-5867 Skydive Alabama
Stewart McArthur Western Region California (909) 229-8052 Western Region at Large
William McCarthy Foreign Ontario ,  Canada (613) 583-5114 Skydive Gananoque
William McCauley Central Region Kansas (785) 766-3338 Missouri River Valley Skydiving
Paul McCowan Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (513) 659-4365 Paul McCowan Airshows
Jordan McElderry Northwest Region Washington (206) 999-0174 Skydive Snohomish
Robert McEvoy Eastern Region New York (585) 455-0104 WNY Skydiving
Terry McMillan Gulf Region Texas (512) 468-3195 Camp Mabry, TX
Brian Meade Southeast Region Florida (217) 371-8916 Florida Skydiving Center
Paul Meagher Southeast Region Florida (813) 928-3546 Skydive City
Andrew Mehall Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 364-8250 Black Daggers
Robert Mehl Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (301) 237-2579 Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures
Bruce Meinert Southeast Region Georgia (770) 381-2563 Skydive Monroe
Yair Meiry Foreign Manitoba ,  Canada (204) 797-4459 Adventure Skydiving
Exequiel Mignani Foreign New Zealand (021) 049-6578 Skydive Aukland
ShawnaRae Miliano Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (919) 901-3352 Triangle Skydiving Center
Eric Miller Pacific Region California (919) 208-5530 Skydive Surfcity
Jared Miller Mountain Region Arizona (602) 909-1521 Skydive Arizona
Joseph Miller Western Region California (619) 980-5636 Perris Valley Skydiving Center
James Mills Southern Region Alabama (334) 494-2727 Skydive the South
Brian Moler Western Region Nevada (702) 338-4807 Las Vegas Flying Elvis Team
Patrik Molka Foreign Poland 48(600)275527 PeTe Skydive, Poland
Richard Money Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (812) 988-4316 Jerry's Skydiving Circus
Andrew Montriou Foreign United Kingdom 44(1404)891050 Cornish Parachute Club
Jim Moore Southern Region Kentucky (270) 723-3587 Skydive Kentucky
Urban Moore Northwest Region Oregon (541) 895-3029 Eugene Skydivers
David Moore Gulf Region Texas (512) 589-0108 Texas Skydiving Center
Paulo Moreira Da Silva Foreign Portugal 351(91)8756924 Portugal At Large
Yves Morisset Foreign Quebec ,  Canada (819) 763-7736 GO Skydive
Ellen Morris Northeast Region Vermont (802) 372-4128 Vermont Skydiving Adventures
Rachid Moumy Foreign Morocco 212668964240 Morrocco
Adson Moura Foreign Brazil +5515981919090 Paraquedismo Pernambuco
Whelington Mras Western Region California (310) 714-4519 Skydive Taft
Johnny Mulford Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 303-3991 Fayetteville, NC
Eric Mullendore Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 624-5109 Skydive Little Washington
Michael Mullins Southern Region Tennessee (901) 355-2629 West Tennessee Skydiving
Julio Munoz Foreign Chile (569) 912-95519 Skydive Andes
Daniel Murphy Eastern Region Delaware (651) 276-3838 US Naval Academy
Adam Myers Pacific Region California (831) 818-4015 Bay Area Skydiving
K Myrtle Central Region Kansas (316) 409-7977 Air Capital Drop Zone
Marc Nadeau Eastern Region Pennsylvania (610) 442-7500 Eastern Region at Large
Norman Nault Northeast Region Connecticut (860) 208-4180 Sydive Danielson
Olga Naumova Foreign United Arab Emirates +971523979801 Kolomna
Jacob Nelson Gulf Region Texas (346) 212-4891 Skydive Spaceland Houston
Patrick Newman Northeast Region Connecticut (951) 388-9121 Northeast Region At Large
Kenneth Newman Northeast Region Maine (207) 577-2203 Vacationland Skydiving
Thomas Newman Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (208) 283-2304 Skydive Windy City
Gene Newsom Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (812) 350-1092 Start Skydiving
James Nipper Southern Region Florida (850) 978-4532 Skydive Live!
Thomas Noonan Southeast Region Florida (603) 714-4382 Southeast Region at Large
Jason Nugent Southern Region Alabama (706) 405-0122 Ft. Benning 75th Rangers
Chris Nunn Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (513) 827-5867 Mideastern Region at Large
Graham Nuttall Foreign Ireland 00353(0)862458006 Irish Parachute Club
Jason Nyman Gulf Region Texas (210) 559-3933 Skydive South Padre
Dean O Flaherty Southeast Region Florida (508) 759-3483 Boston Skydiving Center
Eutemio Ohno Armed Forces/U.S.Territories Guam (671) 488-6340 Guam
Koichi Omiyama Foreign Japan Skydive Fujioka
Michael Ortiz Mountain Region Arizona (310) 869-0448 Complete Parachute Solutions
Javier Buzz Ortiz Foreign United Arab Emirates (815) 217-5721 Skydive Dubai
Robert Owen Southeast Region Florida (404) 285-9129 Skydive Jersey
Kazuyuki Oyama North Central Region Wisconsin (954) 397-4386 Skydive Midwest
Rodney Paap Gulf Region Texas (815) 471-2569 Skydive South Padre Island
Randy Pacheco Pacific Region Hawaii (916) 765-6516 Pacific Skydiving Center
Milton Pachon Southeast Region Florida (407) 534-2079 Colombia
Michael Paiser Southern Region Tennessee (931) 362-3542 Adventure Skydiving Tennessee
Susie Paiser Southern Region Tennessee (931) 362-3542 Adventure Skydiving Tennessee
Duane Palmer Southern Region Tennessee (931) 808-0036 Skydive TN
Scott Palmer Southeast Region Florida (801) 558-9518 Southeast Region at Large
Shelby Palmer Southwest Region Texas (512) 306-9775 Skydive Temple
David Pancake Eastern Region New Jersey (856) 404-5259 Skydive Cross Keys
Andy Pardue Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (336) 469-3199 Skydive Central NC
Cristofer Parente Southeast Region Florida (312) 289-6848 Skydive Space Center
David Parker Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (317) 937-4585 Jerry's Skydiving Circus
Dana Parker Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (317) 626-2258 Skydive Indianapolis
James Patrick North Central Region Wisconsin (920) 323-9861 Skydive Adventure
Larry Patrick Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (260) 336-3841 Gravity Power Sports
Jens Paul Foreign Germany FSC S?dpfalz e.V.
Edward Pawlowski Pacific Region California (916) 718-0414 The Parachute Center
Edward Paxton Foreign United Kingdom (050) 436-5701 Skydive Dubai
Michael Pelzer Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (248) 375-5797 Motor City Skydiving Center
Larry Pennington Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (757) 650-1200 Skydive Suffolk
Juan Peraza Southeast Region Florida (786) 651-4407 Skydive Caribbean
James Perez Western Region California (951) 217-4815 Perris Valley Skydiving Center
Gregory Perrimond Foreign Quebec ,  Canada (450) 543-5985 Parachutisme Adr?naline
R Perry Gulf Region Arkansas (479) 443-3222 Skydive Skyranch
Adam Peterson North Central Region Minnesota (612) 735-8023 Great Lakes Skydiving
John Philips Southern Region Alabama (256) 329-8406 Southern Region at Large
Cindy Pirkkala Southeast Region Florida (850) 627-7643 School Of Human Flight
Timothy Piteck Northwest Region Washington (360) 518-4377 Skydive Toledo
John Pitts Southern Region Tennessee (931) 220-6205 Ft Campbell
Kenneth Plankenhorn Eastern Region Pennsylvania Maytown Sport Parachute Club
Jeff Plisko Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (252) 241-2566 Skydive Little Washington
Marcel Pomerleau Pacific Region California (707) 227-8024 Skydive California
Colin Potter North Central Region South Dakota (605) 209-0917 Skydive Hot Springs
Van Pray Central Region Missouri (636) 484-0084 Flying V Ranch
Henry Prewitt Gulf Region Texas (512) 665-0452 Skydive Spaceland Houston
Karl Priggee Mountain Region Arizona (928) 451-5746 Red Rock Skydiving
Chad Pritchett North Central Region Wisconsin (715) 577-6043 Skydive Wissota
Jack Pyland Southwest Region Texas (972) 287-2225 Southwest Region at Large
Richard Pym Foreign Spain 34(690)606747 Skydive Empuriabrava
Brandon Radcliff Southeast Region Florida (561) 427-8647 Skydive Lakeside
Stephen Rafferty Pacific Region California (408) 666-4472 Skydive Monterey Bay
Adam Ralston Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (513) 226-6500 Team Fastrax
Guillermo Ramos Foreign Spain 34-696767763 Skytime Centro de Paracaidismo
Dick Rapacilo Northwest Region Montana (406) 257-4679 Meadow Peak Skydiving
Christopher Rea Central Region Illinois (815) 561-3663 Chicagoland Skydiving Center
David Rechina Foreign Spain 649999311 Skydive Lillo
Ryan Redfoot Southeast Region Georgia (706) 604-4716 The Jumping Place
William Respess Southeast Region Florida (646) 770-2554 Skydive Key West
Jose Reyes-Soto Mountain Region Arizona (928) 919-2730 Yuma Proving Ground, Yuma AZ
Thad Rice North Central Region Wisconsin (262) 994-7140 Skydive Midwest
Joseph Richards Eastern Region New York (914) 255-2749 Skydive The Ranch
Daniel Rizzo Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (248) 225-7901 Midwest Freefall
Daniel Roberts Southern Region Tennessee (520) 461-8601 Skydive Tennessee
Blake Robinson Western Region California (619) 517-5832 Skydive San Diego
Robert Rocke Gulf Region Texas (281) 450-4500 Ground Rush Skydiving Club
Nick Rockow North Central Region Minnesota (218) 340-0127 Great Lakes Skydiving
Ariel Rodriguez Pacienza Foreign Chile +56957706011 Skydive Andes
Jeffrey Root Eastern Region Pennsylvania (914) 589-4809 Sky's the Limit
David Rose Southeast Region Georgia (512) 769-1392 Skydive Spaceland Atlanta
Stephen Rosier Northwest Region Oregon (801) 721-3789 Skydive Awesome
Owen Ross Northeast Region Maine (207) 723-1123 Jump and Raft
Leon Roullard Western Region California (831) 229-6409 Skydive Coastal California
Peter Rovnan Eastern Region New Jersey (609) 442-3641 Skydive Cross Keys
William Rowell Western Region California (619) 661-0194 Pacific Coast Skydiving
Gigi Rucker Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (540) 219-3387 Mid-Atlantic at Large
Carlos Ruiz Foreign Chile 56 9 9886 7724 Paracaidismo Chile
Jose Ruiz Foreign Mexico (731) 170-9043 Skydive Cuautla
Steven Rulli Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 728-9338 Skydive Paraclete
Reinis Rutentals Foreign Latvia +37129619007 Skydive Latvia
Timoteo Salgado Pereira Pinto Foreign Brazil 5521965136977 Skydive Rio de Janeiro
Fernando Santos Pacific Region California (415) 748-8352 Skydive Hollister
Seth Sarrett Armed Forces US Territories Armed Forces Pacific 81-080-3704-7727 Panama City skydiving
Stephen Saunders Foreign United Kingdom England
Alvin Saylor Gulf Region Texas (281) 435-8586 Galveston Island Skydivers
Greg Schaub Eastern Region New York (518) 526-9880 Adirondack Skydiving Adventures
Amanda Scheffler Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (248) 887-1701 Misty Blues Demo Team
Sascha Schindler Pacific Region Hawaii (808) 469-2843 Skydive Hawaii
Alvin Schlichtemeier Southwest Region Texas (972) 867-6916 Southwest Region at Large
Ulrich Schneider Foreign Germany Spain
Michael Schultz Eastern Region Maryland (301) 908-5105 Eastern Region at Large
Evgeny Schupak Gulf Region Texas (209) 269-6795 Lone Star Parachute Center
Pete Schwartz Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (757) 644-7353 Skydive OBX
William Scott Southeast Region Georgia (770) 207-5281 Skydive Monroe
Robert Scott Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (803) 499-2820 Sumter, SC
Nabil Sedrati Foreign Morocco 212673739788 Skydiving Morocco
Ryan Seelye Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (231) 330-7926 Skydive Harbor Springs
Nicholas Sergi Northeast Region Rhode Island (860) 481-0311 Skydive Newport
Juan Serrano Southeast Region Florida USSOCOM
Ron Sharp Central Region Kansas (913) 233-9600 Falcon Skydiving Team
Jennifer Sharp Central Region Kansas (785) 840-5867 Skydive Kansas
Brian Sheehan Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (248) 227-2047 Skydive Tecumseh
Abraham Sheppard Mid-Eastern Region Michigan (517) 974-8712 Skydive Owosso
Ryan Sherman North Central Region Minnesota (320) 766-3517 Skydive Superior
Naoshige Shimura Foreign Japan 817066673283 Japan
Milton Shisler Gulf Region Texas (956) 744-5867 Skydive South Padre Island
Kathie Sides Eastern Region Pennsylvania (302) 697-2226 Chambersburg Skydiving Center
Alina Sime Foreign Romania 40(721)941308 TNT Brothers
Michael Simmons Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (540) 408-4347 Marine Corps Systems Command
Lim Sing Foreign Singapore (659) 770-2770 Singapore
Willis Sinsel Central Region Kansas (316) 733-5863 Air Capital Drop Zone
Robert Sitarz Foreign Poland 48(604)489524 PETE
Martin Skrzypczak Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (813) 546-7027 Skydive Chicago
Arnel Smajic Central Region Missouri (708) 202-2568 Gateway Skydiving Center
Taylor Smith Southern Region Tennessee (615) 525-4638 Music City Skydiving
Howard Smith Mountain Region Arizona (520) 275-0249 Davis-Monthan AFB
Scott Smith Western Region California (310) 686-0778 At Large
Danny Smith Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (803) 581-5867 Skydive Carolina
Cecil Smith Eastern Region Pennsylvania (412) 262-2240 Eastern Region at Large
William Snyder Central Region Illinois 309-242-0522 Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Oscar Solar Foreign Chile 56978064888 Paracaidismo Chile
Dimitrios Sourlis Foreign Greece +0306978117002 Skydive Athens
Daniel Spisak North Central Region South Dakota (605) 728-8691 Skydive Adventures
Douglas Spotted Eagle Mountain Region Utah (435) 840-0300 Canada at Large
Gregory Stacey Southeast Region Florida (352) 562-5062 Skydive City
Clifford Steele Southeast Region Florida (904) 568-6386 Skydive Palatka
Michael Stephenson Northwest Region Washington (360) 359-5867 Ft Lewis, WA
J Stewart Mountain Region Utah (801) 791-7590 Ogden Skydiving Center
Donald Stewart Southwest Region Texas (254) 968-5075 Texas Freefall
Willard Stokes Mountain Region Arizona (580) 595-2190 At Large
Michael Stone Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (215) 206-7725 South Carolina Skydiving
Edwin Stroup Southeast Region Florida (509) 999-0738 West Plains Skydiving
Radim Studeny Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (704) 890-9290 Carolina Skydiving
DJ Styles Southeast Region Florida (352) 316-6478 Florida Parachute Center
Hannah Swallow Foreign Spain 34680521964 Skydive Spain
Richard Swanson Northeast Region Vermont (802) 860-7800 Malone Parachute Club
Mike Swanson Northeast Region Vermont (951) 609-5646 Skydive Truckee Tahoe
Dave Swanson Northeast Region Vermont (802) 585-9694 Skydive Truckee Tahoe
Andreas Szerbakowski Northeast Region Massachusetts (508) 524-7763 Jumptown
Larry Talbert Central Region Illinois (618) 667-9590 Mid America Sport Parachute Ce
Thomas Talbott Mountain Region Arizona (602) 617-4464 Mountain Region at Large
George Chi Ho Tang Foreign Australia +8613996152996 China Skydivers
Radu Tartan Foreign Romania 40744925901 GoJump Romania
Edward Techman Foreign Namibia 264812608014 Swakopmund Skydiving Club
Aaron Teel Eastern Region Pennsylvania (215) 258-2255 Above It All Skydiving
Tony Thacker Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 797-5650 Mid-Atlantic at Large
Michael Thamarus Northwest Region Montana (406) 241-2895 DZone Skydiving
Tom Tharp Gulf Region Louisiana (337) 207-5867 Skydive N'Awlins
Brianne Thompson Mountain Region Arizona (623) 640-2793 Skydive Arizona
Joshua Thompson Northwest Region Washington (661) 754-0509 Washington
Ole Thomsen Northeast Region Vermont (802) 759-3483 Addison VT
Josh Thomsen Central Region Missouri (314) 609-2642 Missouri River Valley Skydiving
David Thorp Northwest Region Oregon (503) 975-7362 Pacific Northwest Skydiving Center
Michael Thurmond Mountain Region Arizona (540) 841-6008 Complete Parachute Solutions
Sean Tillery Central Region Nebraska (405) 740-7648 Skydive Atlas
Walter Lee Todd Gulf Region Texas (903) 845-7314 East Texas Skydiving
Roy Torgeirson Southeast Region Florida (239) 282-8834 Skydive Southwest Florida
Brian Touhey Northeast Region New Hampshire (508) 641-2346 Skydive New England
Melissa Touma Northeast Region Connecticut (203) 257-7294 Connecticut Parachutists, Inc.
Michael Towns Gulf Region Texas (361) 537-3776 Skydive South Texas
Marc Tripari Northeast Region Rhode Island (401) 845-0393 Skydive Newport
Daina Tubbs Gulf Region Texas (651) 230-1954 Lonestar Parachute Center
Darko Tupek Foreign Croatia 38(91)5290926 Croatia
Gregory Upper Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (919) 497-5867 Triangle Skydiving Center
Andrew Van Handel North Central Region Wisconsin (920) 470-9071 Seven Hills Skydiving Club
Brad Vancina Foreign Illinois (815) 715-2045 Philippines
Cody Vancina Foreign Illinois (815) 931-0329 Philippines
Steven Vaughn Mid-Atlantic Region South Carolina (803) 323-9250 Skydive Carolina
Jose Vazquez Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (520) 240-7857 US Army Systems Performance Office (SPO)
Jeffrey Veenendaal Gulf Region Texas (225) 287-9990 Skydive Spaceland Houston
Cedric Veiga Rios Foreign Spain Skydive Spain
Miran Veres Foreign Slovenia (384) 138-0268 Skydive Balaton-Hungary
Mike Vetter Western Region California (760) 845-8200 GoJump Oceanside
T Vetter Mountain Region Arizona (602) 942-0038 Mountain Region at Large
Ryan Vincent Mountain Region Colorado (719) 431-0201 Royal Gorge Skydiving
George Voishnis Eastern Region New Jersey (609) 709-9023 Skydive East Coast
Phillip Volk Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (513) 276-7896 Start Skydiving
Thomas Vouzonis Armed Forces US Territories 00393601093732 Italy and Greece
Michael Wadkins North Central Region Wisconsin (615) 504-9791 North Central Region at Large
Chris Wagner Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (757) 282-6452 EODTEU2
Kenn Walker Southeast Region Florida (786) 488-0172 Bahrain
James Wallace Western Region California (951) 657-9975 Western Region at Large
John Wallace Foreign Ontario ,  Canada (905) 894-0731 Skydive Burnaby
Brian Wallace Mountain Region Utah (801) 627-5867 Ogden Skydiving Center
John Ward North Central Region Minnesota (952) 917-9337 Skydive Twin Cities Forest Lake
Tyler Wareham Pacific Region California (707) 756-2472 Norcal Skydiving
Dale Warner Southern Region Alabama (706) 570-3772 Ft Benning
Thomas Warner Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (330) 428-0584 Top Fun Sky, Alliance, OH
Marc Warren Mountain Region Utah (425) 765-6491 Skydive Utah
Paul Waschak Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (330) 719-2179 Skydive Rick's
Noah Watts Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (910) 580-3328 Golden Knights
Eugene Welch Southwest Region New Mexico (505) 321-1007 Skydive New Mexico
Mark Welchert Central Region Illinois (217) 440-3264 Rapid Descent Skydiving
William West Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (330) 717-8414 Skydive Pennsylvania
Brian White Central Region Illinois (309) 676-4248 Illinois Valley Parachute Club
Christopher Whitley Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (229) 886-3413 Blue Ridge Skydiving Adventures
Dan Whitman Foreign Ontario ,  Canada (613) 867-3779 Canada
Fred Whitsitt Southeast Region Florida (305) 759-3483 Skydive Miami
Jeffrey Whitt Eastern Region New York (614) 598-1284 Skydive Central New York
Heather Whittaker Northwest Region Washington (360) 749-0568 Skydive Toledo
Kyle Whittier Mid-Eastern Region Ohio (815) 353-6202 Start Skydiving
Neil Wilcox Western Region California (949) 201-0989 Western Region at Large
Phil Wilhelm Central Region Nebraska (402) 464-9618 Crete Skydiving Center
Kelvin Wilkerson Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (704) 787-5944 Skydive Central NC
Richard Wilkinson Eastern Region ,  Australia (609) 481-7408 Skydive Sussex
John Williams Eastern Region Pennsylvania (610) 466-7490 Skydive Delmarva
Richard Winstock Eastern Region New Jersey (310) 750-7767 Eastern Region at Large
Andy Witcomb Western Region California (619) 971-1362 Western Region at Large
Kent Wood Foreign Quebec ,  Canada (450) 510-3245 Malone Sport Parachute Center
James Woods Western Region California (408) 286-6302 Western Region at Large
Jake Woroniecki Western Region California (619) 743-0614 Western Region At Large
William Wray Mid-Atlantic Region North Carolina (919) 499-1657 Pope AFB 24STS, NC
Amber Wright Mid-Eastern Region Indiana (317) 954-8480 Mideastern Region at Large
Jack Wynn Southeast Region Georgia (850) 630-1683 North Florida Skydiving
Pamela Young Mid-Atlantic Region Virginia (202) 558-8650 Skydive Orange
Yin Yu Foreign Illinois (770) 241-8876 China
Wojciech Zbiegniewski Foreign Poland 48(5034)99211 Chrcynno