(AZ) Flight-1 101 & 102 Canopy Courses

3/25/2017 to 3/26/2017

Skydive Arizona, Eloy

Justin Price, (520) 466-3753

All of our courses are very structured and is a curriculum of continuing education providing clear, comprehensive progression for canopy flight. On every jump in the course, you will complete a series of in-air exercises, will be briefed, and video debriefed on all of your landings. There are 5 hop n pops made in each course.

Flight 101 & 102 are structured to be completed in tandem with each other. Essentially, Flight 102 is a continuation of Flight 101. In these courses you will learn the fundamental skills needed to pilot your canopy safely and practice drills that you will utilize throughout your skydiving life. You will learn & understand how to create good, soft, and consistently accurate landings, along with the correct flare technique. You will also learn & explore the different stalls & stall recovery techniques to better understand the full performance range of your canopy so that you can deal with emergency situations and difficult atmospheric conditions. Lastly, the completion of Flight 101 & 102 fulfills the canopy portion for the USPA B-License requirements.