(PA) Flight-1 201 Canopy Course

7/23/2017 to 7/23/2017

Sky's The Limit, East Stroudsburg

Shawn Milligan, (570) 420-1011

Coach: Kaz Sheekey

Flight 201 introduces the theory of performance and the use of airspeed using pitch.You will be introduced to the fundamental principles when moving into high performance speed building approaches. Essential slow approach skills are taught along with the first techniques in the progression of building airspeed. The course also provides invaluable information and skills to avoid and successfully deal with canopy collisions and rear riser emergency landings.

Course is $185 plus jumps. A $50 deposit must be paid to Sky's The Limit after registering on Flight-1. Your remaining cost will be due on the day of your course. Courses happen rain or shine. If you cannot make jumps due to weather on the day of the course, arrangements will be made for you to make those jumps at no extra cost.

Sign up on Flight-1.com then call manifest to pay deposit 570-420-1011.