(TX) Spaceland Transitions–Rocking Your Slot

3/3/2018 to 3/4/2018

Event Name Spaceland Transitions: Rocking Your Slot
Start Date 3/3/2018
End Date 3/4/2018
Drop Zone Skydive Spaceland Houston
City, State Rosharon, Texas
Details Are you a flyweight new flyer who struggles to get down to faster fallers? Or one of the aforementioned faster fallers who finds themselves looking up at others wishing to defy the laws of gravity? Or do you have trouble staying in your slot because of backsliding or too much drive? Then this FREE Transitions event is for you!

Our fantastic lineup of mentors will focus on helping any new jumper with 100 skydives or less--from any drop zone--work on increasing and managing your fall rate range and freefall maneuverability so you can get up to floatier formations, sink down to faster ones, and hold your position no matter how you're challenged. Not too many of us skydivers are truly average ;) ; most of us could use a little work on fall rate control and slot flying. We'll work on drills to help you practice up-cupping, dropping down, and maintaining awareness and slot position. We'll also be happy to discuss different jumpsuit materials and options that can help you with your slot flying as well.

Also, don't forget that this event lasts all weekend, rain or shine!
Name Val Marvin
Phone 281-369-3337
Email manifesthou@skydivespaceland.com