(TX) Spaceland Transitions–Turns and Translations

1/6/2018 to 1/7/2018

Event Name Spaceland Transitions: Turns and Translations
Start Date 1/6/2018
End Date 1/7/2018
Drop Zone Skydive Spaceland Houston
City, State Rosharon, Texas
Details Spaceland Transitions: Turns & Translational Moves

Ready to hone your relative work skills? Because turns and translational movements (getting from point A to point B) pretty much describe everything you do within a group skydive except fall rate control. But now we're going to focus on isolating those moves and perfecting them in our usual small-group, coached and videoed for FREE.

This event is targeted to recent graduates from any drop zone with 100 jumps or less, and aims to refine your relative work so you can fly more precisely and get more points in every dive.

Our fearless mentors will be talking with you about turn techniques, using your legs, arms, and both to get smooth, snappy turns that stop on heading. They'll also drill you on translational moves that get you precisely from one place to another--sideslides, forward movement, and backslides. The next step is to put it all together (on purpose)!

Be here at 8 am both Saturday and Sunday to get the most out of this Transitions event!
Name Val Marvin
Phone 281-369-3337
Email manifesthou@skydivespaceland.com