USPA Members Embrace Online Credentials


On December 16, USPA announced its partnership with Sigma, an online platform that organizations use to provide their members with profiles and awards. Since then, more than 6,000 USPA members—nearly 20 percent of USPA’s membership—have enrolled. These jumpers have access to the digital version of their USPA membership cards and have racked up a combined 200,000-plus “merits” (Sigma’s term for member achievements, which include USPA licenses, ratings and awards). In addition, more than 150 skydiving-related organizations (such as drop zones, training programs, riggers and competitions) have signed up for Sigma to provide merits for such things as HALO jumps, night jumps and canopy courses.

Once experienced jumpers receive an email inviting them to claim their merits and establish their Sigma profiles, they can use their digital USPA licenses instead of their plastic membership cards at participating drop zones across the country. To do this, members simply sign into their accounts at and show their credentials to manifest.

Sigma profiles help organizations ensure jumpers are up to date while helping skydivers track their growth by coupling their achievements, credentials and merits together on a single platform. By implementing Sigma, USPA hopes jumpers and drop zones will better manage their experiences, which will help the entire industry run more efficiently and safely.

All USPA members with a valid email address on file with USPA (except those who chose to opt out) should have received an invitation from Sigma. You can log in to your member account at to check that you have an email address on file, that it is correct and that you have opted to receive communications via email. If you have a valid email on file but didn’t receive an invitation (or chose not to accept it but now wish to), contact Sigma directly at