USPA Call to Action: Oppose ATC Privatization (Updated)


Updated Action Call: ATC Privatization

In the past couple of weeks, we’ve reported that an effort to privatize the FAA’s air traffic control function passed the House Transportation Committee in the form of House bill HR 2997.

At this time, the full House is set to vote on the bill next week.

USPA has joined 45 other general aviation groups that are all opposed to ATC privatization. All those groups are urging their members to contact their Congressman or Congresswoman to get them to oppose the bill.

Take action now. We need every USPA member to let your Representative know you oppose HR 2997. Here’s how:

Sending an email or letter and placing a phone call to your legislator’s office gives the maximum effect. Talking points for your email or phone call are available in the form of a model letter. On the House of Representatives website, enter your zip code to be directed to your one Representative's contact information. Once there, you can provide information about yourself and state that you are opposed to a privatized ATC. Ask your representative to reject the idea of privatizing ATC and to leave ATC within the FAA as a governmental function.

Or you can use this find your Representative and their phone number; you'll speak with their legislative aid. Let them know you are in the Representative's district and that you are opposed to ATC privatization as proposed in HR 2997.

Skydiving has enjoyed unfettered access to U.S. airspace via an air traffic control system in which the FAA ensures fairness and equal access.

That will change if ATC is taken out of the FAA and handed to a private corporation.

Our nation’s airspace is a national resource. It belongs to every American, and the FAA has managed it fairly by providing ATC services equitably to all users, including skydiving. But a corporatized ATC would favor the airlines, who want priority handling and are willing to pay for it. And as written, the bill would allow the ATC corporation to reallocate airspace (including DZ airspace) use for its priority users. No wonder the airlines strongly support the bill.

Make no mistake. Without your help and the help of all of us in general aviation, there is a very real possibility that the bill will pass. And for skydiving, the ramifications of a privatized ATC system will be disastrous. 

It is vital for skydiving that you become involved right now.

Skydiving has faced threats before, and because USPA members reacted, we’ve been able to prevail. This time, we need every USPA member to get involved and add your “No!” to all others within general aviation.

Thanks in advance for your help on this vital issue.

 (Updated 7/10/2017)

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