USPA Call to Action: Oppose ATC Privatization (Updated 7-26)


Have you contacted your Member of Congress yet? Skydiving’s future depends on it.

The Chairman of the House Transportation Committee is still trying to schedule a House floor vote this week on his bill—HR 2997—to privatize the FAA’s air traffic control function. The bill was pulled from a floor vote last week because there weren’t enough votes to pass it, thanks to USPA’s members, and members of some 170 general aviation organizations, who have flooded their Representative’s phone lines and inboxes with opposition to the bill.

We need to ensure that the votes aren’t there again this week, which would put off the House floor vote until after Congress’s long August recess.

Please reach out to your Representative now, and let them know you oppose HR 2997.

On the House of Representatives website, enter your zip code to be directed to your one Representative's contact information. Once there, you can provide information about yourself and state that you are opposed to a privatized ATC. Ask your representative to reject the idea of privatizing ATC and to leave ATC within the FAA as a governmental function.


Or you can use this link––to find your Representative and their phone number. Tell them you live in the Representative's district and that you are opposed to ATC privatization as proposed in HR 2997.

Captain Sully has joined the fight against ATC privatization.

Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger, who successfully ditched his US Airways Airbus in the Hudson River in 2009, has joined skydivers and other general aviation users in the fight against privatization. View his opinion online.

Privatization of ATC would remove the FAA's policy of "first come, first served" for ATC services. Skydiving aircraft could well face increased holds and delays while priority is given to the airlines. Airspace now open for skydiving could instead be reserved for airline use.