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USPA Group Member And Foreign Affiliate Drop Zone Locator

Skydive Orange, Inc.

  Orange County Airport (OMH), Orange, VA

11339 Bloomsbury Rd
Orange VA 22960-4442 US

80 miles miles   SW of Washington DC
3.5 miles to nearest hotel
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  Mid-Atlantic Region
  1 Super Twin Otter

We take fun seriously! Huge, padded indoor packing area. Club atmosphere with an excellent and friendly instructional staff. Open weekends with weekday jumps May-October. AAD's are required. Students, RW, freeflyers, and canopy pilots are all invited to jump all day and camp out with us.

Training Programs

Accelerated Free Fall

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Camping Area
Bathhouse/Hot Showers
Full-Service Restaurant
RV Space w/ Electricity
Internet Access
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AFF Instructor Rating Pre-Course & Course

  09/21/2018 - 09/28/2018

  Skydive Orange, Inc.   Orange Virginia

   Hetrick, Steven W., Course Director
Steve Hetrick, Main Contact


For those of you who may be interested, these are the requirements to attend the course and what to be prepared for: - Be a current USPA member - Hold a current USPA Coach Rating or any other USPA Instructional Rating (must have held a Coach Rating for one year or have a minimum of 500 jumps.) - Have at least a USPA "C" License. - Have a minimum of six hours documented freefall time. - Have completed all prior course requirements on the USPA AFF Proficiency Card. - Present the open book exam ready for grading at check-in (General USPA Instructor and AFF Instructor exams located in the back of the IRM.) Please use the answer sheet in the IRM. - Be completely familiar with the "Integrated Student Program" as described in the "Skydivers Information Manual" and the AFF stuff in the "Instructional Rating Manual," available from USPA (required books for the course, current editions please). Costs: $700 payable to me (cash or check,) plus USPA fees, jumps (yours and your evaluators,) and any video costs. During practice jumps, you must also pay the evaluator fees. It would be prudent to budget approximately $1400 and seven days (including the pre-course) of your time to complete the course (I tend to estimate on the high side.) - Pre-register with me well in advance ($200.00 nonrefundable deposit required payable to me.) The balance of $500 is due at the start of the course. That may sound harsh, but I do need to know far enough in advance how many qualified evaluators I will need and what aircraft and facilities will be required to support the course. Please include all contact information (phone numbers(s) and e-mail address) with the deposit. Mail deposit to or FFI: Steve Hetrick 110 Kinross Dr Winchester VA 22602 571.243.4400

Flight-1 101, 102, & 103 Canopy Courses at Skydive Orange Canopy Course

  09/28/2018 - 09/30/2018

  Skydive Orange, Inc.   Orange Virginia

   LeMay, Martin, Course Director
Martin Lemay, Main Contact

Martin Lemay is teaching Flight-1 101, 102 & 103 canopy courses at Skydive Orange on the 28, 29 & 30th of September 2018. Module 100 provides the cornerstone for safety & survival skills under canopy. Throughout this module you will learn the essential skills required for consistently accurate landings, various control inputs, how to deal with emergency situations and effectively managing air traffic. Flight 101 & 102 courses satisfy the requirements for USPA's Canopy Piloting Proficiency Card for your B license and go way above and beyond them. Flight 101 - Friday 28 September Flight 102 - Saturday 29 September Flight 103 - Sunday 30 September To join, sign up here: 101 - 102 - 103 -

Virginia Head Down Record Attempts

  10/05/2018 - 10/07/2018

  Skydive Orange, Inc.   Orange Virginia

   Pam Young, Main Contact


Organizers: Matt Fry & Jay Veenendaal 1st training camp will be June 15-17 at Skydive Orange.

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