Friday, August 7, 2020


USPA Group Member And Foreign Affiliate Drop Zone Locator

Skydive Carolina!

  Chester Municipal Airport (DCM), Chester, SC

1903 King Air Dr
Chester SC 29706-4421 US

35 miles S of Charlotte
6 miles to nearest hotel
  (803) 581-5867
  open map
  1 Cessna 182, 1 Super Twin Otter, 1 King Air

Located near Charlotte, NC & Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, SC. DZ is 8 miles from I-77. Open Mar-Nov, Wed-Sun & Dec- Feb, Fri-Sun. Indoor packing. Designated landing areas:regular,swooping & students. USPA membership, A license & TSO equip. required.

Training Programs


Services & Amenities

Load Organizers
Bunkhouse w/ Beds
Equipment Rental/Sales
Rigger Service
Camping Area
Bathhouse/Hot Showers


Coach Rating Course

  09/25/2020 - 09/27/2020

  Skydive Carolina!   Chester SC

   Freeman, Joey W., Course Director
Joey Freeman, Main Contact