Wednesday, December 7, 2022

USPA Group Member And International Affiliate Drop Zone Locator

USPA established the Group Member Program as a way for skydiving schools, clubs and centers to affiliate with USPA and uphold USPA’s safety standards.

Drop zones in the U.S. that affiliate are known as “USPA Group Member” DZs, and they pledge to comply with USPA’s Basic Safety Requirements and to use current USPA instructors, provide USPA-required equipment, and use USPA-developed instruction methods. Group Members designated as “Training Centers” provide instruction, equipment and training to become a licensed skydiver.

Drop zones in other countries are known as “USPA International Affiliate Drop Zones", and they pledge to have at least one current USPA rated instructor on staff.

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Skydive Puebla

  Aerodromo de Atlixco , Atlixco , Mexico
Atlixco Puebla , -   Mexico
 52 55 5517 8529