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Gear Stolen in Brickell, Florida

Gear Stolen in Brickell, Florida

United Parachute Technologies Vector V310

Reserve Parachute
Monday, May 24, 2021

USPA publishes reports of stolen gear as a service to its members. USPA also recommends reporting stolen gear to local law enforcement. The following gear has recently been reported as stolen to USPA Headquarters: 

Date Stolen: May 21, 2021
Date Reported: May 24, 2021
Contact Martha Andrea Riano Ardila, (201) 660-4596,  andrea5686@hotmail.com


  • United Parachute Technologies Vector V310, black, blue and gray, SN 72205
  • Aerodyne Research Pilot 168, SN 168-21312
  • Aerodyne Smart LPV Reserve 150, SN 21288
  • Advanced Aerospace Designs Vigil Cuatro, SN 60673

If your rig is stolen or if you have recovered previously reported gear, call or email USPA with details. For a complete list of stolen gear, click on the “News and Events” tab at uspa.org.  



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