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Response to "The First 75"
Letters | Nov 03, 2021
Response to "The First 75"

John Mudroch

In the 75th anniversary issue of Parachutist ("The First 75", August 2021), we asked readers to submit photos of the early D-license holders which we were unable to locate in our files. Thank you to John Mudroch and especially Mark Schmidt's wife, Connie, for sharing the photos below with us. If you have a photo of someone from the list below, USPA would be honored to include it in our historical files. You may submit photos to

License number D-21 was issued to Mark Schmidt. He was my next-door neighbor and died several years ago. His wife was kind enough to provide me with some pictures. Also, does anyone have any biographical information on Ted Sweet? He was a one-legged jumper from Michigan in the 1930s. I have a philatelic cover with his autograph.

John Mudroch | Belleville, Michigan


Photos needed:

D-4 Vakharia, Darius D-30 MacPherson, Allan D-45 Skinner, Robert W. D-58 Williams, Douglas E.
D-6 Taylor, George P. D-32 Unziker, William J. D-46 MacPherson, Dennis H. D-59 Kochenburg, Dale R.
D-7 Heisel, Christian D-33 Hulick, Gerald W. D-48 Hale, Rodger C. D-61 Chace, John P.
D-8 Glenn, Verlin D-34 Bahor, Erick M. D-49 Moge, Maurice R. D-62 Ward, Richard F.
D-14 Ernest L. Pyland D-35 Meyers, Lee A. D-52 Murry, Robert. A D-64 Percival, John M.
D-17 Love, Ray D-36 Reed, Sherman W. D-53 Duncan, Edmond C. D-66 Charland, Normand E.
D-18 Kremar, Michael D-40 Dunphy, Richard D-54 Williams, Verne D-67 Edwards, Roy L.
D-24 Spatola, Robert D-42 Jacks, Clyde E. D-55 Kilsow, Arthur D-68 Beyan, Dennis P.
D-28 Elfers, William D-43 Pol, James E. D-56 Brezin, Ben W. D-72 Smith, Richard
D-29 Kirtley, Thomas D-44 Harding, Daniel E. D-57 Mathwig, Jerry  


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