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USPA Issues A-100000 to Jeff Huang
Membership Services | Aug 11, 2021
USPA Issues A-100000 to Jeff Huang

USPA Staff

In 1952, PCA issued the very first A license to Lew Sanborn of Massachusetts. Almost 70 years and 100,000 licenses later, Jeff Huang of Wainan, China, has earned A-100000. Huang made his first jump in November 2018 and jumps at a drop zone in Inner Mongolia.

With 47 jumps under his belt, Jeff is happy to enjoy fun jumping. He's working toward 100 skydives at the moment, but has his sights set on freeflying and wingsuiting. His favorite part of the sport is the fun and supportive community, both at his home DZ and worldwide. When he’s not skydiving, Jeff enjoys playing computer games.

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