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Updates on Online Rating Renewals

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Thursday, June 6, 2019

Online Rating Renewal: Several step process

Online Rating Renewal testing and soft launch are ending as we’re poised to release this functionality for all members possibly as early as June 10. To facilitate online renewals, many supporting features needed to be in place, and you may have already started seeing these:

1. Tracking Medical Dates: Here Now and In Effect
USPA has begun tracking Tandem medical expiration dates. Every month as a courtesy and to better track compliance, staff will notify those members by email who have a medical expiration date coming up within the next 30-60 days, for example, on or around June 1st everyone who has a medical certificate expiring in July will be notified that according to our records their medical is expiring. If a Tandem Instructor Rating holder’s medical expiration date expires, the Credential Verification check and their profile shows “MEDICAL HOLD” next to their TAN-I rating.  Tandem instructors can continue to jump with a “Medical Hold” if they have a current valid medical.  Group Members can continue to use tandem instructors on a “Medical Hold” if that tandem instructor can provide a current original medical certificate.  But, no tandem ratings will be renewed if the renewing tandem instructor is on a “Medical Hold”. To remove the hold the member can supply a copy of their most recent medical through their profile, which brings us to….


2. Tandem Instructor Medical Upload: Here Now and In Effect
Tandem instructors (expired and current) are now able to upload a copy of their medical directly to headquarters from their profile. They can use a button on their credentials tab, or use This should prove very convenient for members. The document is uploaded and attached to the member’s contact record in our membership database. After staff accepts and verifies the upload, they update the member’s medical expiration date in their Tandem instructor rating record. The member will be able to see that this was accepted, along with the expiration date, in their profile within 2 business days.


3. Verification of Rating Requirements: Here Now and In Effect
According to the rating they hold, current S&TA, Instructors, Examiners, and Judges can now verify individual requirements for ratings holders for the following: PRO, Coach, AFF-I, SL-I, IAD-I, and TAN-I. This part of online rating renewals is the first step for members to renew online with their membership. Each requirement is verified and tracked separately so that members can get requirements verified as they happen and collect all of them for when they are ready to renew. Verifiers can sign off on a requirement online at They will also be able to see what ratings they have verified for others in their profile.


4. Tracking Rating Renewal Requirements: Coming Soon (early June)
Members can now see what renewal requirements have been verified for which ratings they hold. When they have all the requirements collected for a specific rating, a “Requirements Complete” indication is present in their profile. The ratings that are ready for renewal will be able to be added to their cart when they renew their membership.


5. Online Rating Renewal: Coming Soon (late June)
Of course, the ultimate goal is for members to be able to renew ratings alongside their membership and pay for everything online. After all requirements are verified, the member will click to Renew (in their credential tab or membership tab). This interface for renewing membership has one added step for rating holders that lists out ratings that are ready to renew which they can add to their cart. Once the member completes the checkout process and pays for their membership and rating renewal, within a few minutes, their ratings will automatically renew alongside their membership expiration and be visible in their profile and on their digital card online at

Membership and ratings can be renewed as early as 90 days before their expiration dates. When renewing, you are paying for the next year of membership, which starts the day after your membership expires. For example, if your membership expires August 31, 2019, and you renew a month or two early, your new expiration date will be August 31, 2020. In other words, you are paying for a membership from September 1, 2019 to August 31, 2020. Members do not lose months off their previously purchased memberships and ratings by renewing early. So, encourage the rating holders in your region to get the process started early.  Start getting those rating renewal requirements verified now, so when the time comes to renew, everything can be renewed online in one transaction and be processed almost instantly.


On the Horizon: Coming Soon (4th quarter). Plans to expand this tracking system are also underway. Members will also be able to verify and track requirements for licenses and new ratings, to include online exams via the USPA Library.


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