Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Learn to Skydive Month

USPA's "Learn to Skydive Month" Returns in May!

This May, USPA's Learn to Skydive Month returns! For the past two years, USPA has held Learn to Skydive Month, where drop zones offered one free first-jump ground school sometime during the month. The goal of the program is to introduce more people to skydiving without obligating them to jump but hoping they will not only make a first jump, but continue to pursue the sport.

Again this year, USPA will provide participating DZs with guidelines on how to promote and conduct the course. Essentially, USPA-rated instructors will teach the entire ground portion of the first-jump course to participants at no cost. Those who decide to jump (hopefully many of them) will then pay for their jumps and receive the additional training necessary to get in the air.

With no initial financial commitment, participants will likely range from those who have been planning to jump to those who have just a general interest in the sport. After learning more about making a first jump, as well as the sport's safety practices, many of the participants will likely want to skydive. Those who don't jump will still leave with better knowledge about skydiving and a favorable opinion of your drop zone. It's an opportunity for your DZ to make a positive impression by appearing professional, safe and clean.

Once DZs sign up with USPA, we'll help promote the DZ's class and add you to our list of participating drop zones. And we'll provide an outline that will help you promote and plan your DZ's event, as well as offer guidelines on how to conduct the class.

DZs that want to participate or have questions can email Don't miss this opportunity to bring more people into our exciting sport!

The following DZs have scheduled their Learn to Skydive classes:

Skydive Carolina, Chester, South Carolina: March 10
Des Moines Skydivers, Winterset, Iowa: April 7
Start Skydiving, Middletown, Ohio: April 27 and May 25
Cleveland Skydiving Center, Garrettsville, Ohio: April 28 and May 5
Bay Area Skydiving, Byron, California: May 4, May 11 and May 18
Skydive Finger Lakes, Ovid, New York: May 4
Skydive Lone Star, Luling, Texas: May 4
Skydive the South, Tuskegee, Alabama: May 4
Skydive Perris, California: May 5
Skydive Sofia, Bulgaria: May 6 and May 24
Adirondack Skydive, Fort Ann, New York: May 11 and May 25
Lincoln Sport Parachute Club, Weeping Water, Nebraska: May 12
Skydive Pennsylvania, Mercer: May 12
Chicagoland Skydiving Center, Rochelle, Illinois: May 18 
SkyDance SkyDiving, Davis, California: May 18
Skydive Monroe, Georgia: May 19
Skydive Midwest, Sturtevant, Wisconsin: May 22
Skydive San Marcos, Fentress, Texas: May 22
Skydive New England, Lebanon, Maine: May 25
World Skydiving Center, Jacksonville, Florida: May 26
Jump Jasper, Florida: Multiple dates


Many additional DZs are also planning to participate:


AerOhio Skydiving Center, Rittman, Ohio
Sky's the Limit, East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania
Skydive City Zephyrhills, Florida
SkyDance SkyDiving, Davis, California
Skydive Pennsylvania, Mercer
Skydive Perris, California
Skydive Puerto Rico, Arecibo
Skydive Suffolk, Virginia
West Plains Skydiving, Ritzville, Washington