Sunday, January 21, 2018

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Submit An Accident Report

Purpose: USPA collects information on skydiving accidents for the sole purpose of enhancing safety and preventing accidents.

Applicability: This form should be submitted in all cases in which a skydiving accident raises a safety issue, involves an injury requiring attention at a medical facility, or results in a death. It can also be used to report near-accidents or other accidents from which a lesson can be learned.

Instructions: A USPA Safety & Training Advisor or (in the absence of an S&TA) a USPA Instructor assigned by the S&TA should complete this form. In the event of a fatality involving more than one person, please use a separate form for each person. 

This form will be submitted to the Director of Safety & Training at USPA Headquarters.

Confidentiality: To ensure confidentiality of both the accident victim and the reporting individual, USPA Headquarters will delete Section 2 of this form's records as soon as any necessary adjustments to the deceased member's data record is made. Do not retain any copies of this form. Note that data submitted in this form is NOT encrypted.