Friday, October 7, 2022


Anonymous Confidential Report of a Non-fatal Incident

Purpose: USPA collects information on skydiving incidents for the sole purpose of enhancing safety and preventing incidents. Your contribution is valuable towards improving the safety of the sport.

Applicability: This form can be submitted for skydiving incidents ranging from a safety issue to an injury requiring attention at a medical facility. It can be used to report near-incidents or other incidents from which a lesson can be learned.

Instructions: Anyone can complete this form anonymously. This form will be submitted to the Director of Safety & Training at USPA Headquarters. ALL FIELDS ARE OPTIONAL. Complete as much of this form as you see fit. The most important information is your description and conclusions.

Confidentiality: This form does not record any identifiable information from the submitter. Data is encrypted over a secure server. Do not retain any copies of this form. 

  • Demographic Information

  • Jump Type

  • Equipment

  • Aircraft Information

  • Weather Information

  • Description of Incident
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