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USPA Licenses

USPA issues four skydiving licenses, A through D, indicating progressive levels of skill and accomplishment. USPA licenses remain current with membership and are recognized by the Federation Aeronautique Internationale. A skydiver is considered a student until issued a license.

For the current license requirements and privileges see the Section 3-1 of the Skydiver's Information Manual.

Who Can Sign Off On License Applications?

(This is the 1-page shorter version of the two A license cards available)
The A license proficiency card was developed for drop zones that use their own student training program to train students to the A-license skill level. Each item to be initialed on the card lists the final advancement criteria for the various skill sets required for the A license. Each line includes an "I" beside it, which indicates a USPA Instructor must initial the item after verifying that the student satisfactorily completed all of the necessary training. A USPA Instructor must also sign the card once everything has been initialed and it is ready to be submitted to USPA Headquarters for the A-license number to be issued.

(This is the 2-page longer version of the two A license cards available)
The A-license Progression Card was developed for drop zones that use the USPA Integrated Student Program to train students to the A-license skill level. It is divided into categories A through H to match the ISP, included in Section 4 of the Skydiver’s Information Manual. Each category lists the various skills and training requirements that must be met to finish the category. These specific items must also be initialed by a USPA Instructor wherever an “I” is noted beside the initial line, and for all of the items listed as “Advancement Criteria” for each category.

A USPA Coach may initial the exit, freefall, and canopy lines in Category E through H of the progression card as indicated by the "C/I" beside the initial line. A pilot or instructor may initial Spotting and Aircraft in Categories G and H as indicated by the "P/I" next to the initial line. And a rigger or instructor may initial in categories E, G and H for the equipment training. These are the only items that can be initialed by someone other than a USPA Instructor. Make sure the proper person is initialing and signing the A-license cards to help your new A-license holder receive his A license in a timely manner.

The B- through D-license applications must be initialed and signed by a USPA Instructor or higher for the B and C license application, and an Instructor Examiner, S&TA or USPA Board member for the D license application. Make sure each of the items listed in the skill tables are verified and initialed, and the license application is completely filled out and signed by the appropriate person before submitting the license application to USPA Headquarters for processing.


Renew An Existing License

Licenses remain current with USPA membership. You can apply for a new license on your profile page, or download the application. Renew your membership here.

FAI Sporting Licenses

The National Aeronautic Association, in Alexandria, Virginia, issues the special FAI sporting licenses required for world record attempts and for all members of the U.S. Team. The Sporting License is required in addition to the FAI certificate of proficiency (license) issued by the various national aeroclubs, such as USPA.

Need More Help?

For questions about USPA licenses, call USPA at (540) 604-9740 or email USPA.