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Logbook Apps

Digital Logbook Apps

The following apps have been reviewed by USPA staff and deemed in compliance with SIM 3-1 C logging guidance. Jumps tracked with these apps can be used when verifying licenses and ratings qualifications as well as skill requirements.

Note: Instructors, Examiners, S&TAs, or USPA Board members who are verifying logs towards license and rating qualifications must still check that the jumps were signed by another licensed skydiver, a pilot, or a USPA National or FAI Judge who witnessed the jump. Jumps to meet skill requirements must be signed by a USPA Instructor, Examiner, S&TA, or a member of the USPA Board of Directors.

This list is maintained by USPA Department of IT for informational purposes only to assist instructors, examiners, and S&TAs in their responsibility to accept digital logbooks while still complying with SIM 3-1 C. USPA does not specifically endorse any of the apps or associated products. There may be other apps that meet logging guidance that are not listed here.



Boogie makes logging easier, more legitimate, and more fun.

  • Never lose your logbook with unlimited cloud storage.
  • Record skydives using only your phone.
  • Analyze data when you land.
  • See your skydiving season in a single summary.
  • Add flair to your logbook with skydive artwork.

Version 4.1.1 approved March 2020

Paralog Mobile


Paralog Mobile is a mobile skydiving logbook. It supports syncronizing your jumps with You never have to carry a paper logbook to the dropzone, just use Paralog Mobile.


  • View jump list
  • View jump details
  • View jump profile
  • Sign jump
  • Create jump from existing one (specific or last jump)
  • View signature
  • View summary
  • Lists of dropzones, aircrafts, equipments and jump types with summed up jump amount
  • Change the settings of your account

Paralog Mobile works with data from Paralog skydiving logbook synced to You need an account on to use this app.

Version 2.4.00 for Android and 2.5.00 for iOs approved February 2021

Skydive LogBook

  • A Simple and Clean Logbook App for Skydivers
  • Ratings, Membership and Repack Date Tracker
  • Enter and Store SkyDive / Wind Tunnel Logs
  • Swipe To Re-Arrange Log Entry Fields
  • Export Your Logbook (PDF) via Email
  • Dropbox Backup and CSV Upload
  • Location Based DZ Selection
  • USPA SIM 3-1 Compliant
  • Support for Signature

Version 2.3.4 approved March 2020



Automated skydiving logbook.
Jump with the confidence that your progress won’t get left behind. Let your phone track your jump automatically. Our innovative jump tracking technology turns your phone into a GPS tracker to accurately record every jump, every time. You will get comprehensive statistics and 3D visualisation right after the jump.

Version 1.7.1 approved March 2020

Skydive Logger


Designed for skydivers and wingsuiters, Skydive Logger automatically records your jumps, including heights, speeds and time in freefall, and provides heading and distance to the dropzone while in flight (via audio or Apple Watch). With support for jump signing, AirPrint and iCloud backups, Skydive Logger can replace your paper logbook.

Version 3.4.2 approved March 2020

How do I know what logs are acceptable?
There are many legitimate ways of logging jumps whether it be digitally, on paper, or a combination. First, make sure the jump contains data in all of the required fields listed in SIM 3-1 C. Next, decide what the jump should be used for. Jumps for license and rating qualifications—that is, to count towards total jump numbers—must be signed by another licensed skydiver, a pilot, or a USPA National or FAI Judge who witnessed the jump. Jumps to meet skill requirements—for example an accuracy jump—must be signed by a USPA Instructor, Instructor Examiner, Safety & Training Advisor, or a member of the USPA Board of Directors. Finally, check there has been no alteration of logs. If logs are digital, make sure none of the required fields can be altered after the signature is gathered. If logging was done on paper, make sure there are no marks or writing over required data. If in doubt, contact signatory and check. Printouts of jumps from manifest software programs signed by a drop zone authority are acceptable if all of the data required by SIM 3-1 C are present.