Friday, December 9, 2022

ISP Category Dive Flows

ISP Category Dive Flows — DOWNLOADABLE

Download concise versions of dive flow videos here in .mp4 format. Length of these are less than two minutes and include both freefall and canopy in one video. Coaches and instructors can use these as accurate demonstrations for their ground preps. Students can use these to preview upcoming skill sets. The downloadable versions are useful in locations where an internet connection is not available, or simply for ease of use.

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These videos were made possible by the generosity of Skydive Dubai.
    Jane Oakley
    Ioana Dumitriu
Acting students
    Jay Stokes (freefall)
    Luke Aikins (canopy)
    Tukes Iwamoto
    Mason Holden
    Andy Farrington
    Mason Holden
    Luke Aikins


    ISP Category Dive Flows on YouTube

    Watch the full-length versions in this YouTube player. Click the hamburger menu to see the whole playlist. Or, open these directly in YouTube at the following links: