Advanced Aerospace Designs Issues Vigil Battery Replacement Reminder

Gear & Industry Spotlight | February 2020
Saturday, February 1, 2020

In December, Advanced Aerospace Designs, manufacturer of the Vigil automatic activation device, issued reminders to Vigil owners about battery replacement. The press release stated that any Vigil battery that is more than 10 years old must be replaced before using the unit. Vigils produced prior to October 2018 contain batteries with a 10-year lifespan (later models contain 12-year batteries). Any Vigil that is fewer than 10 years old will therefore contain an in-date battery. If a unit is older but has had its battery replaced, a silver sticker on the back of the unit will indicate this. Battery replacement, which includes complete maintenance, costs €95 (approximately $120). Maintenance without battery replacement (including the multi-mode firmware update) is free. More information on Vigil battery replacement, firmware updates and maintenance is available at vigil.aero/rma.

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