Five Minute Call | Sep 01, 2018
American Revolution Boogie Continues To Impress

Scott Latinis

The 2018 edition of the American Revolution Boogie at Skydive Spaceland–Dallas in Whitewright, Texas, is in the books, and judging by the reactions, feedback and word on the street generated by the almost 200 jumpers who attended, it was a resounding success! The flight line featured two Twin Otters, a climb-like-a-homesick-angel Super Caravan and a four-seat R44 helicopter. Add to that an awesome manifest crew, crazy-hard-working packers and loaders, world-class pilots and a strong lineup of organizers—including Louis French, Thomas Hughes, Guru Khalsa, Scott Latinis, Tex Leos, Shannon McCarthy, Stephen Megison, Philip Palmer, Dave Quist, Helaine Rumaner and Todd Statdfield—and you had a recipe for awesomeness for belly flyers, freeflyers, wingsuiters and canopy pilots alike.  

During the event, the XRW (mixed canopy and wingsuit formation) crew, with canopy pilots Khalsa and Quist, provided amazing video. All the while, Nick Lott and Zach Lewis shot incredible footage that Lott compiled into a fantastic boogie video.

Several vendors, including Airtec, Boogie- Man Suits, Captured Sky, Cookie Helmets, FireBird Containers, Performance Designs, Sun Path Products and Velocity Sports Equipment, sent their reps, who occasionally took time off from work to get to get their knees in the breeze. (Getting to jump with vendor reps is just another feature of a Skydive Spaceland boogie!) The boogie also featured an honest-to-goodness, full-size trapeze setup. Yep, they offered lessons and put on amazing displays of aerial magic, giving a whole new meaning to “ropes and rings!”

Among all the amazing jumps on Saturday, Hughes organized a 32-way formation load that included both belly flyers and freeflyers. Jumpers had plenty of time to grin and giggle after building the formation by 8,000 feet. The jumping day ended with a Star Crest Recipient ceremony (for jumpers who participated in an 8-way or larger formation) led by USPA Southwest Regional Director Jack Pyland IV, followed by a true Texas barbecue and a magnificent fireworks show put on by Scott Levy that capped the evening off with a bang.

Sunday brought another day of great weather for jumping, including one in which Hughes led a tracking dive by sidesliding (something you have to see to believe). As people started to filter out to catch flights or drive home, “Looking forward to coming back next year” was the recurring phrase. The drop zone will host its 2019 American Revolution Boogie July 4-7!

Scott Latinis | D-10514
Spring, Texas

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