Industry News | Aug 03, 2020
Brian Naiman Elected USPA Pacific Regional Director

USPA Staff

Brian Naiman

The results are in for the special election to fill the vacancy for the Pacific Regional Director seat on the USPA Board of Directors. The election concluded July 31. Below is the list of candidates along with the vote totals. The winner is indicated in bold type. The newly elected board member was seated upon verification of the final vote and will serve the remainder of 2019-2021 term.

Pacific Region Special Election Votes

Brian Naiman                           154
Patrick Kessler                          148
Craig Stapleton                         41
Roger Hoffman                         41
Mark Shoobi Knutson               35
John Richard Bates                  31
Michael Eakins                         28
Arvel Shults                              15
Everett Schwartz (write in)        2

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