Call for 2020 Skydive Calendar Photos

Five Minute Call | July 2019
Monday, July 1, 2019

USPA is looking for 15 remarkable photographs for the 2020 USPA Skydive Calendar. Email submissions to  or  visit If emailing, please indicate “calendar submission” on the subject line. Photographers must submit entries by July 31 for consideration.

Please take the following into account when submitting:

  • Photos should be high-resolution digital images—we cannot print scans, stills captured from video (even high-definition video) or photos taken from social media sites such as Facebook.
  • The submitter must indicate the drop zone at which the photo was taken, the full names of anyone pictured (if fewer than eight people are in the photo) and the full name of the photographer. Those submitting photos taken by another person must have permission from the photographer before submitting.
  • Photos should have been taken within the last few years.
  • Photos should not have copyright information or watermarks superimposed on the images themselves.
  • USPA will not consider submissions that depict violations of any of USPA’s Basic Safety Requirements or the Federal Aviation Regulations.
  • For further guidelines, visit the submissions page at

USPA aims to display a variety of skydiving disciplines in the calendar. The Communications staff selects photographs based on uniqueness, composition, clarity and overall appeal. Photographers receive $150 for each photo selected.

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