Composer Releases Skydiving-Inspired Album

April 2019

Gear & Industry Spotlight | April 2019
Monday, April 1, 2019

On March 8, skydiver and award-winning TV and film composer Kim Planert released his first solo album, “SKYLIGHT: Notes From a Logbook,” featuring the Budapest Scoring Orchestra and vocals by established artists such as Keeley Bumford, Lisbeth Scott and Waterson. “An orchestra session is like a big-way, with 40-plus people playing to a dive plan written down in notes being performed for the first time,” said Planert. An ambient, spiritual, hybrid sound that mixes orchestra with synthesizer, SKYLIGHT is a love letter to skydiving and the skydiving community, according to Planert.

SKYLIGHT was inspired by Planert’s love for wingsuiting and his personal experience of the beauty and risk inherent in flying through the air. Planert began skydiving in 2004 while working as a sound engineer. He moved to the U.S. to begin composing for film and TV. To date he has composed music for more than 230 episodes of primetime TV and has scored several independent movies.

One of SKYLIGHT’s singles is “Ignite,” inspired by a wingsuit night jump where pyrotechnics looked like shooting stars from the ground. Other tracks include “Skydance” inspired by wingsuit acrobatic flying, “Never” written after Planert’s first jump and “BSBD” in memory of those lost. SKYLIGHT is available on all major download and streaming platforms.

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