Five Minute Call | Mar 01, 2020

USPA Staff
  • In “Pink Skies, Pink Ribbons” by Gulcin Gilbert in the January issue, the 8-way skydive in Puerto Rico was not the first women’s 8-way flown in the territory. A group of 11 women—Donna Ayers, Sue Frey, Alex Kharazi, Olga Nikolic, Dee Lucas, Megan Lundsten, Robyn Nicks, Erika Ploehn, Emily Russell, Mandy Schroder, Tiffany Szumila—set the Puerto Rico Women’s Record for Largest Formation Skydive in 2012
  • In “Dynamic Duo” in the January issue, Milko Hodgkinson and Dieter Kirsch were also organizers of the formation skydiving record.
  • In “Cleared for Landing” on page 39 of the February issue, Dan Chrobak took the photo of Neil Kuhlman.
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