D-1 Becomes JON-23
Five Minute Call | Sep 01, 2020
D-1 Becomes JON-23

USPA Staff

Lew Sanborn, D-1, celebrates his 90th birthday at Mid-America Sport Parachute Club in Taylorville, Illinois, where friends held a cookout in his honor and presented him with a certificate proclaiming him the 23rd member of Jumpers Over Ninety (a subgroup of the Parachutists Over Phorty Society).

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Wolfgang Rich Müller

10/21/2020 11:53 AM

I would like to gratulate Lew Sanborn om his 90th too.

He signed my log book on my second jump at Orange,

and he knew me as one of rhe engineers at Pioneer Parachute in Manchester, CT,

doing test-work at Orange on Parasail and the good old Para-Commander.

I'm long retired and live in Austria

Best regards, Wolfgang Rich Mueller.

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