February 1984
Covers | Feb 01, 1984
February 1984

Craig Fronk and Dona Reilly

Craig Fronk got the top cover picture of teammates Kent Lane, Dave Wilds, Irv Callahan and Mike Sheerin.  The fivesome, with only a few practice dives together, nonetheless managed to bring home a silver medal in the 4-way event at the World Championships of Relative Work in South Africa, Dec. 9-19.

Team Leader Dona Reilly took the picture of the U.S. 8-way Team that took home not only the gold medal, but a world record as well.  Standing left to right are Mike Sheerin, Dave Wilds, Kent Lane, Scott Meek and Irv Callahan; kneeling are Danny Peters, Mike Parnell and Craig Fronk.  Not pictured are team members Ken Crabtree and Mike Gennis.

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