Five Minute Call | Oct 01, 2019
Henderson Hangs Tough for Big-Way Event

Zach Lewis

Each year for well over a decade, Larry Henderson has invited two plane loads of his friends to come to Whitewright, Texas, for his Big-Way Invitationals event. This year, some speculated that the event, scheduled for August 16-18 at Skydive Spaceland–Dallas, might not happen. After all, Henderson had knee surgery just four weeks prior to the start date. But those who bet that he wouldn’t be able to skydive so soon—especially while wearing his typical heavy weight belt—were wrong. He was ready to fly and was on every skydive that the group made. 

The unpredictable Texas summer weather was hot this year, but the event never had a weather hold, and the participants made all of their planned jumps. Forty-two jumpers and two camera flyers filled the two Twin Otters to make a series of formation-load skydives with oxygen from 17,000 feet during the three-day event. The skydives were challenging, but also had a high success rate. The jumpers appreciated spending a minimal amount of time dirt diving in the heat and enjoyed the air-conditioned hangar during their down time. The fun and successful skydives, as well as an after-hours pizza party and a Texas-style barbecue, will ensure that jumpers return again next year!

Zach Lewis | D-21616
Carollton, Texas

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