Highlights of Recent Updates in the Online Course Manager

Highlights of Recent Updates in the Online Course Manager

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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Quite a few examiners are taking the opportunity to use the Online Course Manager ( before it becomes mandatory on February 15, 2020. As it is still in beta testing, please report any bugs to or use the Live Chat feature. If you encounter any error messages that allow you to send an email with details, please do so. Make sure the data you enter is legitimate, real data and that you follow up after the course. Following are a few of the best new features:

In the main course section:

  • Evaluator editor allows a non-examiner you designate to add and edit candidates.
  • Examiners receive automatic email messages upon course being marked complete, considered the After-Action Report.
  • Candidates receive an automatic email message upon enrollment, with a note from you (not live yet, getting feedback).
  • Examiners can create courses only for IE ratings they hold.
  • When you change a course date, USPA’s Communications Department is automatically notified and will make changes to your event online and in Parachutist (if far enough in advance).
  • You can see your average feedback ratings (last 100 entries) and a listing of anonymous comments (link on your dashboard).

In the Evaluators section:

  • Evaluators can track air and ground evals for that course.
  • One evaluator can be designated to also receive credit for the course (upon course completion if they participated in entire course).

In the Candidates section:

  • Freefall time fields are combined into one field as hours with decimal.
  • Candidates can see their courses in their profile ( and, while their status is still “enrolled,” can enter their jump numbers, freefall time, canopy size and weight.
  • After you mark your course complete, candidates can enter feedback (
  • Upon enrollment (Coach only right now), candidates get a link to take the written pre-test online. They can take it as many times as they want, then submit their score (we've noticed they retake it until they get 100%).
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