Five Minute Call | Feb 01, 2019
Indoor Skydiving Organization Emerges

Randy Connell

In 2017, when USPA made it clear that indoor skydiving was outside its mandate, it created a vacuum in the world of air sports. The International Bodyflight Association assumed some of the responsibilities for the sport on a temporary basis but didn’t want to assume the mantle in the long run. From this vacuum, U.S. Indoor Skydiving emerged as the new National Aeronautic Association-designated Air Sport Organization that will support the sport in the U.S.

USIS has four pillars to its mission:

1) Select and send a U.S. team to Fédération Aéronautique Internationale first-category events

2) Sanction and support national training centers

3) Develop youth programming to grow the sport

4) Create and coordinate events (not limited to competitions) relative to the sport

More information about USIS is available on Facebook and at The website also has the first issue of Flight Deck, the USIS’s quarterly publication, available for free download.

Randy Connell | D-19133
USIS Director of Operations

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