Jumpers Honor Pat Works With Ash Dive at Skydive Spaceland–San Marcos

By Scott Latinis

Five Minute Call | January 2020
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

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Pat Works, D-1813, made his first jump in Texas. The internationally renowned skydiving teacher, author and competitor—he was a recipient of the USPA Gold Medal for Meritorious Service and inductee to the International Skydiving Hall of Fame—passed away in 2016. For his final skydive, he returned to Texas.

In November, Pat’s wife, Jan, contacted the organizers of the Texas Skydiving Family Reunion in Austin about the possibility of releasing her husband’s ashes during the event. They agreed, and longtime Texas skydiver Jeff McVey received the honor of releasing Pat’s ashes during a small formation skydive at nearby Skydive Spaceland–San Marcos in Fentress.

On November 23, eight skydivers—David Bowen, Cliff Davis, Doug Feick, Weldon Herche, McVey, George Nisson, Steve Van Buren and Tracy-Paul Warrington—took to the skies and released Work’s ashes. James Akins shot stills and video of the jump. It was a fitting tribute to an extraordinary man. 

Scott Latinis | D-10514
Spring, Texas

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