Jumpers Set Guinness World Record in Ecuador

By Santiago Vallejo

Five Minute Call | April 2020
Wednesday, April 1, 2020

On January 10, Hermogenes Barcia, B-49962; Jose Barcia, C-47417; Robert Duenas, D-33370; Ernesto Gainza, D-30033; and Santiago Vallejo, D-30990, set the Guinness World Record for Most Number of Equatorial Crossings During a Parachute Jump by a Team. The skydivers, who are based at USPA Foreign Affiliate Skydive Garrapateros in San Vicente, Ecuador, performed the feat under canopy while flying over the beaches of Coaque in the province of Pedernales, Manabí, Ecuador.

The team began its quest on January 9. The first jump took place under good weather conditions, but the team was unable to achieve 10 crossings, the minimum Guinness required to set the record. The team made a second attempt in the afternoon, but weather was a factor and hampered the number of crossings. The team’s third attempt went flawlessly. At 2 p.m. on January 10, pilot Melissa Ruano took the five jumpers to 12,000 feet, exactly on the equatorial line. Exiting consecutively, the whole team made 12 collective crossings in 20 minutes.

The jumpers’ FlySight GPS devices noted the crossings, which two expert, independent observers confirmed from the ground. Guinness World Records Official Adjudicator Natalia Ramirez verified the information and affirmed that the record met all the official guidelines for certification.

Santiago Vallejo | D-30990
Doral, Florida

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