Keep An Eye Out | Nov 01, 2019
Keep an Eye Out | Metal Links

USPA Staff

During a routine repack, a rigger discovered that this Maillon Rapide quick link (aka French link) on the main deployment bag had damaged the pilot chute’s kill line and attachment point, likely from repeated friction between the components. The friction had also unscrewed the link, although it did not detach from the bag.

To avoid gear damage and possible component failure, jumpers should inspect all their attachment points each time they pack. Using soft links can avoid the damage caused by metal links; however, jumpers must still inspect soft links at each pack job to be sure they are in good shape and will function as intended.

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Ryan George

11/12/2019 5:16 PM

Had a similar happen to me 2 years ago. Hardlink seemed to just vanish didn’t catch it while packing which lead to a pilot chute in tow. Not a fun feeling. Check your gear.

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11/15/2019 5:00 PM

To avoid unscrew on any rapid link use blue thread lock, dont use the red one since this is for a permanent thread and dont over drive the thread because with the time it will crack, just adjust the thread with your fingers and then adjust it with a wrench with a half turn, no more than that. this is the same procedure for risers rapid links

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