Letters | Jan 01, 2020

Rick March

The new format for USPA membership cards may seem like small potatoes to some, but after 50 continuous years of membership, it is annoying to me. Frankly, they are simply lame compared to a few years ago. The red USPA logo is gone, the background has become an anemic faded blue, and you almost need a magnifying glass to read it. What’s with that? Are you catering to the new everything-software millennials?

When I called, a staff member graciously and competently explained the reasoning behind some of the changes. But that doesn’t explain the changes in format. Why not bold face instead of what is used now? How much precious space would that take? The original date of membership is gone. The record is the record (whether accurate for some or not) and it should be there. Appointments and special recognitions are also gone. Why don’t those appear there? Because they don’t come with a trophy? Why are only the first and last Jump Wings and Freefall Badges shown? How much space could that take? These numbers are important to a lot of us who often have to refer to them and the memories they bring. The ratings area on the right side now has an acre of unused space (unless you hold a dozen ratings or more).

Is USPA kicking back, letting the software call the shots? Membership is not cheap, and our membership cards shouldn’t look like it is. They are a reminder of all that we pay for. Please consider returning to the format of a few years ago and make us proud again.

Rick March | D-6702
Franklinton, North Carotlina

Editor’s note: USPA pared back the information listed on the membership card out of sheer necessity. The card is small and can accommodate only the essentials: primarily, the information that drop zones need to verify a member’s credentials. USPA honors jumper accomplishments in other ways, including issuing USPA Membership Certificates, Jump Wings and Freefall Badges, and printing the names and numbers of those who earned them in Parachutist magazine (along with a photo, if provided).

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