Letters | Jun 01, 2019

Karl Poruben

While reading the March magazine, I noticed that the Collegiates will no longer include classic accuracy. It’s a passing. It made me recall when, a few years ago, the U.S. Army Parachute Team leadership got out of classic. I also remembered when those APT guys set all kinds of accuracy records. At least classic is still pretty strong in Europe.

Then, I read “Profile,” and the lady’s answer to the “Would you rather swoop or land on an accuracy tuffet?” question [was “Accuracy tuffets should be taken away so people can’t stall their parachutes in and call it a ‘landing,’ or else up the ante by surrounding it with razor wire.”] I do not know whether her answer was humorous or way above my head. Our sport has evolved quite a bit since I started. I know what it was like, when accuracy ruled the day, to make a downwind approach on a 1.1 or PC into a pea pit and feel a great sense of accomplishment with your score. I also believe tuffets have increased the lifespan of many an accuracy jumper. Accuracy kept those jumpers in the sport, because it’s the venue they like. Just my thought. 

Karl Poruben | D-2919
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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