Letters | Oct 01, 2019

Rob Jonson

In “Incident Reports” in the August issue, the third incident states, “Both canopies fully deployed and went into a downplane. The student immediately cut away the main, which remained trailing behind him attached by the reserve static line.”

Can you explain how and why a main would remain attached by the RSL even after the main was cut away?

Rob Jonson | D-25112
Bristol, United Kingdom

Editor’s Note: Since this report was filed anonymously, we couldn’t ask follow-up questions about the details of this particular incident. However, it is not uncommon for a reserve static line to become entangled with the reserve risers or lines when both canopies are open and the jumper cuts away the main. The lanyard can also snag on Velcro or simply not release from the reserve ripcord. USPA recommends that jumpers disconnect their RSLs if they choose to cut away the main canopy during a two-out malfunction.

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