Gear & Industry Spotlight | Feb 01, 2019
Memoirs and Documentary Address D.B. Cooper Case

USPA Staff

Two memoirs—“D.B. Cooper & Me: A Criminal, A Spy, My Best Friend” by Carl Laurin and “Getting the Truth: I Am D.B. Cooper” by Joe Koenig—and the documentary film “D.B. Cooper: The Real Story” assert that military parachutist and convicted criminal Walter Reca, who died in 2014, was the 1971 hijacker known as D.B. Cooper.

In his book, Laurin, Reca’s best friend, describes Reca’s rough upbringing on the streets of Detroit and his transition to becoming a skydiver. He recalls conversations he had with Reca about the hijacking. Koenig, a certified fraud examiner and Michigan State Police retiree, scrutinized the evidence and interviewed Laurin and other witnesses for his book. He stated, “I analyzed and evaluated the available documents and interviewed key witnesses to assess their evidentiary value, credibility and believability. I compared our information and evidence to the FBI’s. I am convinced: Walt Peca, aka Walt Reca, is D.B. Cooper.”

The four-part documentary film, which includes recorded conversations with Reca discussing details of the skyjacking, is available on iTunes, Amazon Prime and Google Play. Laurin’s memoir and Koenig’s investigative account are available through Amazon. More information is available at

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