Opt-In Required for License and Ratings Listings

USPA Staff

Membership Services | January 2019
Tuesday, January 1, 2019

As part of a new privacy initiative beginning January 1, new USPA members must specifically designate that USPA can share their accomplishments (licenses, ratings and awards) and contributions (donations to one of the four USPA funds) in print in Parachutist. New members must now also opt in for USPA to share their accomplishments and display their membership cards digitally through Previously, members did not need to opt in before USPA listed their credentials but had the ability to opt out.

Members should check their privacy settings at to make sure their accounts reflect their wishes. The default setting for members who joined prior to January 1 is “share,” and the default for members who joined after January 1 is “do not share.” Members who wish to be listed in the “To New Heights” or “Donors” sections of Parachutist magazine or who wish to display a membership card digitally on a smart phone or other device through, must select “share” as their designation under the Privacy tab.

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