Rating Corner | Pro Rating Changes
The Rating Corner | Aug 01, 2021
Rating Corner | Pro Rating Changes

Ron Bell

A year and a half ago, USPA gave the PRO-rating program a major overhaul, including adding a high-performance endorsement requirement for those jumping canopies loaded at higher than 1.5:1. However, a lot of members who are applying for or renewing the rating seemed to have missed the announcements of the changes or are referencing old versions of the Skydiver’s Information Manual, and USPA is still having to reject a lot of applications. If you are renewing a PRO rating or are thinking about getting one, keep these things in mind:

  • USPA still tracks the smallest size parachute (in square feet) that each rating holder may jump on a demo, but those without a high-performance endorsement must also ensure that their wing loading is below 1.5:1, even when the size of the canopy is within limits. This change went into effect January 1, 2020.
  • Initial PRO applications must be accompanied by videos of the landings. This includes the initial 10 jumps for the PRO rating and the initial five jumps for the HP endorsement. (This does not apply to those who are downsizing or renewing the rating.)
  • Renewing the PRO rating automatically renews the HP endorsement if the jumper has met the renewal requirements for each. 
  • You cannot renew an HP endorsement without renewing your PRO Rating.


PRO Rating Holders Without HP Endorsement

Those who hold only the PRO rating must jump canopies loaded at 1.5:1 or below on demos. When renewing a PRO rating, the jumper must make two accuracy jumps, two demo jumps or one of each on a canopy with a wing loading of 1.5:1 or lower.


HP Endorsement Holders

Those with an HP endorsement to their PRO rating may jump canopies loaded above 1.5:1 on demos. When renewing a PRO rating with an HP endorsement, the jumper must make two accuracy jumps, two demo jumps or one of each on a canopy with at wing loading higher than 1.5:1.

When applying for or renewing a PRO rating, jumpers must ensure that they’re using an appropriately loaded canopy and that they’ve carefully reviewed the requirements in Section 7-2 of the 2021-2022 SIM or the online SIM, which is constantly updated. Those with questions may also email the Safety and Training Department at safety@uspa.org.

Ron Bell | D-26863
USPA Director of Safety and Training

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