Skydive Spaceland Hosts Eighth All-DZ Sport Accuracy Competition

By Christy West | D-21464

Five Minute Call | July 2018
Sunday, July 1, 2018

Skydive Spaceland’s sport accuracy competitions have long been a fun way to focus skydivers on safe, accurate landings and introduce newer jumpers to competition. With free canopy coaching and three classes of competition to provide jumpers of all experience levels an opportunity to compete for prizes, including a free day of jumping, the meets usually draw a good crowd.

Unfortunately, the weather was complete garbage at three of the four Spaceland locations (two in Texas, one in Georgia and one in Florida) on April 7, so only Skydive Spaceland–Florida in Clewiston completed a meet, and that was only a partial meet. The master’s class (351-plus jumps) completed all three rounds in increasing winds, while the intermediate class (101-350 jumps) completed two rounds, and novices (less than 100 jumps) completed one. All classes of competitors together competed for the day of free jumping, and it was close! Four of the eight competitors landed less than 10 meters from the dead center, and master’s competitor Brian Gammill edged out intermediate competitor Joe Joseph by less than a meter.

Gammill scored 5.85 meters, while Joseph scored 6.64. Gammill also won the master’s division after the three completed rounds with a total score of 52.98 meters (all three masters missed the target on round three in the winds). Joseph won the intermediate division after two completed rounds with a total score of 17 meters. In the novice class, Brian Bouchard scored a 22.01 to win that class, landing only 7.01 meters out but taking a 15-meter down penalty. All Spaceland locations will hold the next accuracy meet November 3.

Christy West | D-21464
Rosharon, Texas

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