Skydivers Over Sixty Logs Member Number 2,400

Five Minute Call | July 2020
Wednesday, July 1, 2020

In May, Carl Rosander from Hayesville, North Carolina, became the 2,400th skydiver to join the growing ranks of Skydivers Over Sixty. Rosander began his skydiving journey by making two static-line jumps on June 29, 1986, in Mentone, Indiana. Over the years he earned D-11880 and his 2,000-Jump Wings. Rosander was also a static-line and IAD instructor, and his wife, Melanie, was originally one of his students. They have a daughter and three grandchildren.

Rosander’s 10-way speed formation skydiving team, Otter Chaos, competed in the USPA Nationals in 2002 and 2007 and placed 6th and 4th, respectively. He also loves big-ways and was part of the Parachutists Over Phorty Society Illinois 84-Way Record for Largest Formation Skydive, as well as other POPS records in Indiana and Ohio. He’s now looking forward to setting some SOS records. He currently calls Skydive Monroe in Georgia his home DZ.

SOS was founded in 1992 at the Paragators DZ in Florida when members of POPS who were all over age 60 flew a 10-way. The organization now has members in 30 countries. SOS members have contributed almost $30,000 to the U. S. Team Trust Fund. In addition, they’ve donated to the USPA Airport Access and Defense Fund and the Skydiving Safety Fund, as well as more than $5,000 to the International Skydiving Museum & Hall of Fame. Jumpers can find more information about joining SOS at pops-usa.com.

Pat Moorehead | D-2962
Long Beach, California

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