UPT Introduces Supine Harness

Gear & Industry Spotlight | January 2019
Tuesday, January 1, 2019

United Parachute Technologies recently introduced its Mutant harness-and-container system, which the company designed to maximize performance in canopy flight. In contrast to familiar systems, the Mutant suspends the pilot in the supine position—resting back with the feet stretched forward—which is an efficient flying position resembling a paragliding pilot’s. This position reduces drag, thus allowing for more speed and range, and is also very comfortable, according to UPT.

The Mutant harness caters to a relatively small pool of potential users, since to safely use a Mutant, one must be an experienced paraglider, speed flyer or advanced canopy pilot. Highly experienced paragliders or speed flyers seeking a similar harness feel, competitive canopy pilots hoping to increase speed or range, canopy pilots flying with wingsuiters or physically impaired and experienced canopy pilots who need a modified landing position are good candidates for this system. Jumpers who wish to obtain one of these systems must fill out an application at uptvector.com/mutant, get approved and complete a training program through Flight-1 prior to completion of the order.

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