USPA Changes Insurance Agency

Five Minute Call | January 2020
Wednesday, January 1, 2020

For decades, USPA has provided members with third-party liability insurance. Most skydivers and DZOs recognize USPA’s member insurance as a major benefit, whether jumping at a drop zone or making an exhibition jump. As a member, if you’re jumping at an established DZ, you’re automatically covered as long as you abide by USPA’s Basic Safety Requirements and the Federal Aviation Regulations. If you are making an exhibition jump, you need to contact USPA’s insurance agent, complete a demo jump application, select the level of coverage and pay an additional premium.

Career insurance professional Susan Amey developed our member insurance products in 2007. Effective December 1, 2019, Amey and her new employer, the Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency Inc. (owned by USPA member Frank Kimmel, D-14237) began providing the USPA demo and individual membership insurance policies. The same underwriter provides the coverage, and it is identical in all respects to the previous coverage: same levels of coverage, same premiums. USPA made the change to ensure that members continue to receive professional advice from a partner who has served the association well for many years.

Demo jumpers can access and submit the new Demonstration Jump Insurance Application at uspa.org or through the insurance agency’s website. The contact information is:

Kimmel Aviation Insurance Agency Inc.
442 Airport Road,
Greenwood, MS 38930
Fax: (662) 455-1611

Susan Amey: (301) 526-3282

Tina Thornburg: (662) 455-3003

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