USPA National Director Special Election
Features | Oct 29, 2020
USPA National Director Special Election

USPA Staff

Following are photographs, candidate profiles and biographies for those who have offered to fill the one vacant national director seat on the USPA Board of Directors and serve the remainder of the term. It is your responsibility as a USPA member to vote for the person you feel is best qualified to represent you.
Candidates were required to complete a standard biographical form and were invited to submit personal statements (limited to 250 words) describing their qualifications and their intentions if elected. These statements are printed along with the candidates’ photographs and skydiving histories, as provided by them.

The Board of Directors

USPA’s Board has 22 elected members, eight of whom are national directors elected by the entire USPA membership, and 14 of whom are regional directors elected by the members from the regions where they reside. When seated on the board, regional and national directors have equal authority.
In this special election, you may vote for one national director candidate. You may vote for one candidate whose name appears on the ballot or you may write in a candidate whose name does not appear on the ballot. 

Voting Procedures

Please read the information about each candidate carefully and study the instructions for voting. Only current, regular members (annual and lifetime members, but not temporary members) are eligible to vote. Ballots must be in the approved format and received on or before the deadline. You may vote either by paper ballot or electronically.

Electronic Voting. Beginning November 2, 2020, members who have previously logged into their USPA accounts and set up their profiles and user names and passwords, may log in to their USPA profile ( at any time and click the “Vote Now” icon to view the online ballot and vote.
Also around November 2, current members with a valid email address on file at USPA Headquarters should receive an email from USPA. To ensure delivery, members are encouraged to add to their list of approved contacts (sometimes referred to as a whitelist). The email will provide instructions on how to record your vote. There will be occasional email reminders from USPA until a vote is recorded or until the end of the election. If you are a current member but did not receive an email, you may still vote online at

Paper Ballot Voting. Paper ballots are available as downloadable PDFs at You may also request a mailed ballot by contacting the USPA membership department at (540) 604-9740.
Ballots containing more than one national director vote will be disqualified. Ballots are valid only if they are individually marked and signed in the voter’s original handwriting. You may vote any time after receipt of your ballot by indicating your selection and mailing or delivering it to USPA at 5401 Southpoint Centre Blvd., Fredericksburg VA 22407. Faxed or emailed ballots are not acceptable.

Members may vote one time only. If more than one ballot is cast, the first ballot received (by any method) will be the one counted. USPA Headquarters must receive all paper ballots or electronic votes no later than 5 p.m. EST, Monday, November 30, 2020.

The new director will be seated at the 2021 winter board meeting, to be held January 29-31 in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Click on candidate's name to view their bio.

Matt Blank
William Geaslin
James L. Hayhurst
Shawn Hill
Melissa Lowe
Brandon Radcliffe
Kristen Tebo
James Worsham-Cupples
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