Veterans Skydive For Life

Veterans Skydive For Life

Five Minute Call | July 2018
Sunday, July 1, 2018

Suicide among veterans returning from war has become an epidemic problem in the United States. To help combat this, skydiver and Navy veteran Jim Osterman is making a cross-country motorcycle ride to multiple drop zones in an effort to raise awareness of the issue of veteran suicides. Osterman, who has been affected numerous times by suicide, made his first motorcycle journey two years ago to more than 40 DZs across the country, and in late May he again set out, this time planning more than double the miles.

Throughout his ride, which he’s calling Veterans Skydive for Life, he’ll be stopping at drop zones, talking to veterans and introducing them to skydivers and skydiving. “These men and women need to know they have people who care and are happy to listen and help,” says Osterman. “My way of doing this is through the sport of skydiving and the willingness to listen.” Those who know of veterans who may benefit from this project can contact Osterman through his Facebook page or simply visit the page to follow along on his adventures.

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8/19/2018 2:43 PM

Thank you so much for your support once again. The article has brought a lot of attention to the ride and the epidemic of Veteran suicide.

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