Five Minute Call | Dec 01, 2018
Well-Traveled Flag Flies Over Skydive San Diego

Catherine Bedell

In remembrance of the events that took place on September 11, 2001, U.S. Marine Corps veteran Chip Schultz purchased a 3-foot-by-5-foot nylon American flag on a wooden pole and now travels with it coast to coast where numerous public figures have posed with it. This year, former Navy SEAL and former member of the Navy’s Leap Frogs parachute team Jeff Bramstedt, who owns Skydive San Diego in Jamul, California, invited Schultz and his flag for a skydive. On September 11, retired Navy SEAL and current safety officer for the Leap Frogs, Jim Woods, jumped with the flag to honor the ordinary men and women in uniform who have become America’s extraordinary heroes. In addition, Schultz made a tandem skydive. 

After both Schultz and Woods landed from their jumps, Schultz gave Woods a huge hug and thanked him for his service and personal sacrifice to America. Woods handed Schultz his flag and thanked him for the opportunity to be a part of its continuing journey. There wasn’t a dry eye on the field.

Catherine Bedell | C-41007
San Diego, California

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