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December 1982 Cover   (Dec 1982) Featured Photos Covers

Dave Waterman of the British Parachute Association captured Geoff Sanders and Rob Colpus in a stack over the Swiss Alps near St. Moritz.  The jumps were part of a television production for Milk Tray chocolates.

DeWolf Estate Gives More Than $118,000 to Team Trust Fund   (Dec 2021) Recent News People Homepage USPA
Back-Tracking —A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Sep 2021) People Featured Photos
A Short Look at a Long History—The USPA National Championships A USPA Staff Report   (Jul 2021) Competition

In the beginning, there was accuracy or, as it was called at the time, “spot jumping.”

Back-Tracking A Parachutist Anniversary Series   (Mar 2021) Features
2021 USPA Safety Day A Parachutist Special Edition   (Feb 2021) Features Safety & Training

In 1997, Patty Chernis, newly elected to the USPA Board as a regional director, suggested that USPA create a special day to get jumpers current and prepared for the upcoming skydiving season. Now in its 25th year, Safety Day has grown increasingly popular, morphing from year to year to address current trends.

Michael Kearns | D-16816 By Brian Giboney   (Oct 2020) People Profiles

Michael Kearns, D-16816, began jumping in 1976 while in the military. He made more than 200 special operations jumps in 14 countries, including night jumps wearing tactical gear, and also became involved in sport skydiving.

A Record for Indiana Photo by Ted Freidline | D-31175   (Sep 2020) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo

From left, Junior Melton, Dana Parker, camera flyer Dave Durant, Floyd Kehl, Chuck Surges and Al Lavine pose for the camera in October at Skydive Indianapolis in Frankfort, Indiana, after setting the Jumpers Over Seventy State Record for Largest Formation Skydive with a 5-way.

September 10, 1995—A Tragic Case of Normalization of Deviance By Jim Crouch   (Sep 2020) Features

On September 10, 1995, 10 skydivers, a pilot and one person on the ground died when a jump plane crashed shortly after takeoff from the West Point Airport (now called the Middle Peninsula Regional Airport) in West Point, Virginia.

Featured Training Photo Photo by Dave Bryce | D-20372   (Jul 2020) Featured Photos Safety & Training Featured Photo

Instructor Matt Leonard of Superior Flight Solutions films James Deller’s landing for use in the debrief during a canopy course at Jumptown in Orange Massachusetts.

Looking Forward to the Past A Parachutist Pictorial   (Jun 2020) Parachutist Features

We asked 16 camera flyers—those who have consistently contributed dazzling images to this magazine over the years—to send us one photo that speaks to what skydiving means to them and that would inspire our readers upon their return to the sport they love.

Short and Sweet —The Annual Spring Fling A Parachutist Photo Essay   (May 2020) Features

The Spring Fling at Skydive Sebastian in Florida, traditionally held each year in early March, is a big deal for both experienced and aspiring canopy formation skydivers from around the world.

The New Normal—Safety Day 2020 A Parachutist Special Report   (May 2020) Features

As it planned for the 24th annual Safety Day, scheduled for March 14, USPA chose “Normalizing Excellence” as its theme. However, nothing was normal any longer when Safety Day rolled around and the coronavirus was relentlessly spreading across the globe.

Doing the 50—The Very Elite Group That’s Landed in Every State By Doug Garr   (Apr 2020) Features

The 50-staters are indeed an exclusive group, and each has a unique story peppered with meeting dozens of new people while traveling thousands of miles across the continent.

Forever Over Ohio Photo by Lonnie Kirk | D-18988   (Oct 2019) Featured Photos Five Minute Call Featured Photo Five Minute Call

Dave Lunardi releases the ashes of longtime jumper Terry Zimmerlin, D-12981, at the Cleveland Skydiving Center in Garrettsville, Ohio.

Rich Grimm | D-18890 By Brian Giboney   (Jul 2019) People Profiles

Rich Grimm, D-18890, started skydiving in 1980. He has been a competitor and a DZO, but he’s best known for being the creator, facilitator and organizer of epic international boogies in exotic locations.

Dave DeWolf Passes Away at Age 86   (May 2019) Parachutist Homepage Industry News Five Minute Call

Longtime parachute rigging instructor and skydiver Dave DeWolf, D-1046, passed away late in the evening of Wednesday, May 22, at age 86. DeWolf was known to nearly everyone as “Handsome Dave,” and his friends, students and colleagues remember him not only for his extensive knowledge of rigging, but also for his playful personality and sense of humor.

Letters Not Irvin’s Accomplishment Alone   (Apr 2019) People Letters

The January issue of Parachutist made a big deal about celebrating 100 years of freefall skydiving and Leslie Irvin’s key role in it. I’m not saying he didn’t play a key role, but a recent article in AOPA Pilot and a letter to the editor in its February issue by Bruce Smith, grandson of James Floyd Smith, suggests there is more to the story.

V is for Veterans Day By ShawnaRae Miliano   (Feb 2019) People Five Minute Call

Veterans Day is a time to thank those who have served our country through military service. So, on a brisk, sunny Veterans Day weekend in November at Skydive Arizona in Eloy, Team Elite and Arizona Airspeed joined forces for an invitational 42-way sequential skydiving event that paid tribute to those who have risked life and limb for their country. Organizers Niklas Hemlin and Guy Wright and skydivers from all over the world enjoyed early morning takeoffs, great vibes and extra altitude to accomplish their celebratory jumps.

Safety Check | Skydiving in a Bubble By Dave Mazik   (Feb 2019) Safety & Training Safety Check

Skydivers all belong to a big mixed family. What was once a niche group has developed into a large, interconnected community. Despite this large network, there are small pockets within our sport that have become isolated. It’s within these small, isolated pockets that bad habits traditionally flourish.